Tabloid Trash-6:30- Kardashian robbery, SNL and Trump taxes. 10/3

Monday, October 3rd

Kim Kardashian robbery. 5 men storm hotel at handcuff the front desk guy made him take them to her room she tied her up in a chair in bathroom and took 15 million in Jewelry… the Jewelry Box itself is worth 7 million  Kanye doing a show in New York heard about it and stopped his show. – New York post publishes some old Tax refunds from Trump and he has used Tax loopholes for last 18 years and has not paid any taxes.. so what its all legal. – SNL did a spoof of the Trump/Clinton Debate and Alec Baldwin did an awesome Trump – Hillary Clinton was not so nice to all the woman accused of sleeping with Bill.

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Vijay and Jamie. Good dude dude and you wouldn't do. Okay. We're equipment song isn't. Do do do do do do do do oh it's just my happy song I'll pick you in your happy place. And all got the breaking news stories wanted to the Kardashians I would like I'm breaking the tablet trash. They are headlines this morning some breaking news from overseas and apple cart actually you know this is really scary to reality star was held up at gunpoint inside her hotel room in Paris last night. By armed masked men dressed as police officers much straight and a spokesman says Kardashian is badly shaken but physically unharmed. She was robbed of jewelry worth several million. New moon moon moon wounds. I don't understand how she found. That she was there for Fashion Week in and they said that she was tied up in the bathroom. The county where they took him upstairs with him. We'll show the home and then they laughter in the bathroom tied up pray that they got away somehow they got out of there but didn't have a name they know she was in the bathroom. Well they want to check on her because there are cheap and much five armed guys come into the hotel area I'm. Or this is she didn't want to like a joke you sign guys wanting to Obama. All right so five guys. I guys won't get there they take a gun out it and put it cuts here and they say hates. They put handcuffs on and they see take is that Kim Kardashian splash okay. So he doesn't have a choice it's 3 o'clock in the morning solely you know not too many people are in the lobby at this point he takes him up to the flat he goes with the they know it and they put her in the bathroom a tire up. In the putting guns you're ahead and they robber they get to save him blah blah blah day take all the stuff they leave them there and they leave. She got two people in the bathroom outside. Luckily air sprawling and tiger well I would guess that the hotel where there rat realized the concierge miss. Many now how did you smoke or some brag brag about it but after two hours mogul Wragge yeah you know so. I don't know exactly that they founder in the bathroom all tied up in the jewelry. Well who cares about the jury. Messages that can you match. Yeah. You can't but you can. And asking for you know I know people don't wanna hear of this. But when you're walking around with fifteen million dollars in jewels on you guys they look a 100000 dollars is a lot. But fifteen billion dollar merger trend make first of all your bracket. You bragging to the world. What's your worst end it what look what I have been you don't have if you got fifteen million dollars she's a jewelry box or had they took it. That was worth seven million dollars. Worried about tax are jewelry box to carry the jewels and look who put that didn't actually predict us to pack that you go to Paris. You most deserve to be robbed. I'll say a desire. How did you have so much money because then cart bashing Jimmy John churned as well but it doesn't do well well enough didn't buys seven million dollar jewelry box does GM he should try Dixon's stuff. But actually she makes like a 150 million a year is it well on the Internet via the Internet and and her line of some type of I don't know fashion jewelry I don't know I don't even know what she's else let us saw where she makes like a 130 million and you look for value. I'm trying to think it I don't know you know it was good stud Jesse got whatever name is it yes I'm sorry thank. Last year alone she made 71 million dollars to stuff over app Oscar via. She makes a load of money that's what I thought when you're talking about it I think a lot of her income comes from that silly apps well just the happened and then there's other things she's got all kinds says she's get those endorsement deals. She's 71 deal that was like seventy something million wasn't. I don't know can I don't know what he had like I know they AM you know Kendall. She has her she's at high fashion model whatever and then Kiley now has the slick kitten all listen Kiley is cosmetics says she's gimmick but load that. Else there is a rumor floating this morning. And all this was staged. In my guide shut out of publicity. You know what there is a rumor. Manhunt is that what you're saying that we are aware of the rumor OK there's all of site I think it happened but. Yes I think that's just too big of a rumor. Is there prayer bears Fashion Week and her mom is there are Christian where her sister Kendall Jenner Kylie blah blah blah blah. Anyway they say armed gunmen broke into Kim Kardashian is there's some doubt room. An emergency rippled quickly all the way to New York where tiny. On the stage made cuts are attempting UN. One if I had that it's not okay barking on the ice stops the show in New York when. Thornton Vandenberg got upset. She shows over and that's until I was like only get 11. And he had to stop to that no that's feeling when I know. It. The deal after getting shut them into the best every so I didn't think what is your best known as I didn't realize and so it was behind him. Atlantis is not a. I did not see amazing and how could you please so hard blow. Restaurant is dear Aaron I haven't noticed and I wondered. I did enough. And Omniture to be sure how to enhance disease in the now partly own their ardor. I guess a lot of people you know how the Internet is everybody's got to an opinion just like us from there are people giving him a hard time saying you tournaments left the show. She's in New York or she. She's in Paris you're in New York City you're seeing everybody's favorite talk. T at least finish the song finished at twenty minutes into it because she was fired at this point by the time he found out she was five. They didn't get it depends what is certain is he here it should in no. I know those don't look I'm not a huge cognitive flash I'm not I'm not I wouldn't go to the show I didn't buy tickets when he was here in Denver indict nobody. But I got my tickets. But if you get a call that your wife boyfriend girlfriend how's and kids whatever has been robbed at gunpoint tied up by big and it's. I think you leave the show. I think he did the right thing I think he did the right and I noticed kitchen a lot of heat from some of his fans but look. You don't finish eagle and upsetting get Al a year. You guys going to see Gary Johnson today no and at at at that the processor to run I think sell but it trust your two Teddy easy and not Colorado Springs. I yes Pueblo he's going to Puebla okay yeah public. Anyway as he had Donald Trump. Did you like 900 million dollars worth of losses the affluent and I was alive that is a lot she's catching heat I guess the New York Times published this thing about his taxes. Now he hasn't paid the taxes and eighteen years or something. And it was because of those losses that you talk about but yeah. They added to the tax system. Because aborted so what was he not exposed still. But I wanna pick up let me not say these losses I don't get that I don't get the argument guys need it's it's a special. It's it's a special tax brackets are people better developers. What they get to do is they get to take depreciation on anything they're developing so it everybody does it's a little loophole we might not like it. He can't hold it against a persecuted. I don't think so eat you've been in business fourteen you let me ask a couple of question head and I have to I lost about a 100000 dollars. This was over the years go over certain amount of years right why did you take my losses have been black got to take those lost she. Yeah she gave me gap old I got to take a loss is at the. His was casino student. The airline now trump airlines in the casinos he lost almost a billion dollars. But was there for that reason. So that these people that hire people and create businesses continue to be able to do that so they get tax breaks why yeah. The thing is like if you rented a couple of houses or some like that again I don't get there you meet whoever. You don't get to drag depreciation on those houses erecting you have to dig the income as rental income but you don't get the but he didn't say I jumped yeah. Yeah so imagine when you know Doug looking a little and so let me dig a 900 million dollar loss the elevator collapsed it would report. I don't know how to guard sent a lot of money it's it's it's it's legal and so I don't think it that we can blame never. Taking the legal deduction. Write to me we can't we hit it I know at this point the finger at him like he's set and a biscuit eater but it was it's legal today fills slot. I don't get the argument on this that's always had not taken the gambling losses and definitely don't. I mean nothing for 3 AM and tweeting about some Miss America that really doesn't know or miss universe a dozen media a bit of sense whatsoever. Which he titled dismissed that you cook I can see where you can give the guy craft for that to an excellent news taxing and don't even get the argument on that. By the way yes the video I did not sit and watch. You policy I don't watch your post Jamie why. Alec Baldwin. Doing Donald Trump on Saturday in a slot Larry it was awesome and it was scary. Well I am I've got the audio for an addict. You posted that. Zoller from from what you posted over the weekend Alec Baldwin as you know last week was announced. To do Donald Trump impersonation that's all it does for Saturday night life. Where is scary how much she look like him this. Past weekend was the first performance in it was all this amazingly good are purely of this that this is Alec Baldwin. She's the one with the bad temperament she's always screaming she's constantly. It's crazy but it is completely. Except around the worth life. Knocking it now looks like that I need this bill. Yeah. Feel works all humans really gang is. I thought. I love Alec Baldwin look he's a little freaky guy that guys we're gonna hit it yeah everything denies the when his daughter's. And then he's the easiest weird guy but man Steve good actor. This guy's one of I think. For him now because I'd -- to be album hey you know hard to rob a long time that I remember my mom beginning was. So handsome and all this stuff and now we did not look I've got. 88 minutes left. There's a ninety minute debate. Not like if on this thing. She broke it with Obama Chia Obama's still my Nikon. My microphone to Kenya and they broke and I. It goes on and dogs yeah. It's not a replacement page OK I don't know the legal posted it now that's correct. That's a great thing for the idea. And BellSouth classic this different but you can. After bullet he did an incredible job I'd you know who was Darrell Hammond. He was is Donald Trump last season at the court heard and then that terror and kill him but he uses name they were good. Alec Baldwin global yeah he is really can. I wish it was better. I don't like her as a Hillary Hillary that lady a little weak weak yen rate I feel like I'm watching the same skit every week when I watch her. Dad yeah. I don't know this is aimed at maybe it's because Hillary is just that way back from mount. She doesn't offers lets get Hillary the New York Times published report Sunday night outlining how badly Hillary Clinton. Treated the women who accused Clinton of infidelity. This is weird. This is weird that the New York Times would actually write something like I ma'am and I think they're big time they endorsed Hillary Clinton's. If it didn't put up the scathing story is when we well I think they had to do it should be equal because they came Allan Donald Trump's taxes I don't know. It's a New York Times and every other not know yet they wrote quote I would crucify her. Hillary Clinton would do to Gennifer Flowers in front of a jury. Here's what I think they're doing now. Sometimes it's best if there's bad news coming out about you. If you releasing yourself instead of somebody else tramping it up literally I'm. And putting it out fans I think her in the New York Times are trying to get this out there before the next debate. So it doesn't become bulletin is done. Gadget before until now because the Null died down exactly moon and that's what I think he may be is going on here I don't know. Mrs. Clinton told some Jake that if she learn add to question mr. flowers a friendly jury out and crews of fire gets worse for Hillary according to New York Times. Hillary Clinton was in on the decision to hire private investigator to look at the end of flowers. They hired a private investigator known for tactics such as making recordings. Deploying it chat attractive women say extract information. Am I guess yes she did that I didn't make it look good when you know private detective. And then I guess there's a lot of a lot of people who don't remember what do we know that there's an twenty years ago. Right fat low iron and it was not a lessons learned that. That 1990 do you have a 1000 years ago I am just sick of all of that can I just say I don't even look at an Emmy that. I. You know usually IC with the selections and were only about five weeks away you need to look at both candidates you need to see what they believe in what you believe in. And they picked the best forget about all the BS is going on on the side it becomes a circus at that point forget about this tax and forget about her treatment of these women 25 years ago forget all that what do they stand for today how does that apply your life invoked the way you need to vote. Do you know there was this statistic action by a fine print. There is some lady came out over the weekend this bill but people are losing friends over the selection in this. I hit you and I actually talked about that three weeks ago and in this study comes out. But I know people that are. I got a couple buddies of mine gonna play golf with. We brought up politics once he got so angry with the real lady that we have the play golf we do allow. Day yet nothing in US it was damn mad at me because you know me I can argue with anything OK so so they started their argument with the wrong person. It's up to her right after the event recently and they won't play golf with these guys. I guess because I don't. I don't go either way adding to that edge don't. No but it's all messed. But I mean it says heavy last friends over the selection room. Do you look at people differently based on how they're voting there's like these astronomical numbers of people that are at. Still it's it's crazy it's become crazy I can't wait for an eerie. And they were only five weeks away so there is a light at the end of the tunnel on this one thank goodness man I mean kids. Didn't I monetary how Lindsay Lowell and luster finger but I have done I'm very young Fella trash each inch each week day mornings.