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Wednesday, January 3rd

Collage on the East coast closed down because it got down to 20 degrees. – Trump says his is bigger! – North Korea says his is bigger!  - Justin Timberlake has a new album and it will be out Feb. song could drop on Friday. and he is doing the Super Bowl too. – Hoda was named as the host of the Today show and she says that Matt Lauer did text her a congratulations but the problem is she will make millions less than Matt did. – Jeopardy takes away a man’s winnings – Amazon may buy Target – Bj is thinking about doing the Grocery curb side pickup service. Bj was shammed at his store over vacation.


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BJ and Jamie. I. Mean you. In a minute here and compiling because this new year you know a lot of people are around RD kicking up their New Year's resolution. Is that any. I guess I was yeah I did you do yes I was in a started GM. But then my girlfriends like you know I started gender attacked right now sudden start at like July. While that's my New Year's resolution is started him in July doom and accent. In an excellent student right now yeah yes and yes in July it can be New Year's and then again. What about you are well I was gonna redo on last year's New Year's resolution remember last year my resolution was to be a kinder gentler person we. Remember it's generated that one well I really do I think what he seventeen was a kinder JR DJ all yearlong. And I think gonna take that to be at next I'm gonna be the sweetest person on the planet really when he eighteenth. Easily starting yesterday by a bitch at box well. Something went wrong. Yesterday so sometimes have to voice that but. Does start it yet maybe the sweetest person on the planet FEMA gave something. Yeah my five dollars for the lottery who would. That be nice powerball tonight the 440. Really unless. I do the things make the news first luck. FS US canceled classes at Florida State University they'd canceled classes. Why you he had the jury at one. Eddie I saw I have an aunt that lives in or onto that lives in a Savannah Georgia they're getting snowed this morning. A real advantage that just outside of jacks though it's crazy you know I urging champions. We geeks know it was I sent her to have our techniques and they certainly in this weekend made me. That there are. Let's see here let's talk about our president of the United States now I don't hot button for a lot of people but just her second here's awed like dissent. This and has done really great things for me in the stock market OK so Qichen bodies and well and that. This really is so for me personally he's a good thing I know a lot of you hate him and that's OK I don't. Really care I know it's it's about my money and it still really really well for so. I'd like to keep them right wary is just real quiet but. Asked and no no no no I think this tweet says it all I. Messed with a ball he get a born. Trump. He tweeted again you guys but he is ads. So the day Kim Jung young made a public announcement that he has a nuclear button on his desk that's ready to roll any time and that he can hit the United States of America. In trumpets weeded our beat it's our job this age weighted. Can somebody tell Yahoo! that my button is much bigger more powerful than the one that's on his desk and my button works in the moment. Well everybody sits next. I mean people like you too little. Sword fighters with your wingers need to stop this is nuclear war is something you go oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah. Doubleday had tripled area it. I think he does and our purpose. I think so at least twenty does our purpose just to sidetrack the media. Just get people talking about it so that he so we you're doing it's not saying IIP he just throws it out there are just for that reason. I think it was a good move only because it's a kid off of that his old. It's whole airplane thing that debacle like as the day the story tweeting how he's improved airline safety. And that's entity crashes like the last five years or what I would every said I don't know with. But anyway it was all lies it was all it was all wrong about it. Out at all. And everybody was streak that one Ron Ron about it I don't see that I got to check my Twitter old airplane and the united sea near where he studies don't know the aviation and taking credit for the safety record of the aviation or something right right he's impose nothing that's new to the as did the aviation. World. Is nine news last night did a fact checked and nothing that he's done is changed aviation since he's been in office not one point. Well I know that I have flown and I've been as if it. The only aviation things have been put into place were from Obama. So Diebler was cover up for that at least in I am a big news clip at. Why do what he's alluding to some looking at right now where I think after eluding to is that. They've improved TSA. Know. But I don't know if that's true team seemed to me is still take my shoes off he hasn't done anything. I mean nothing well let's that's he argue this is big. I haven't argument I watch a whole thing about its own I mean on here on TV he's a liar is lying with. Stock market's doing great that's our batters. We don't know craze and narcissistic lakers' and they are people. Like. To keep them in their place. The stock market at it hey you know what I'm excited about what's up. Justin Timberlake. A gap you guys finally he's got a new album as called me and the woods. And they he says that inspired by his son is like the new album will be released on February 2 I. I have a question. Win the super ball. February 9. Woman looking something like I'm just trying to figure out he's going to be able. Incorporated in his new book that's the whole timing. Yet to these happenings you. On narratives peddlers and then I'll let him. Explains almost really inspired when my son and wife. Handling and more so than any other alma that are written while trying. And his personal. It's put us them that I was deep wasn't it is from Nash no he's from met this Tennessee answer. Yeah and I guess. There might be a little tune age released. Earned pro. You're. With us and just once on maybe try and we. Will see. And what what's her name told just go to just go to Sheehan is Ben announces Matt Howard replace onto the nation I haven't heard that's. I heard this audio but when I saw yesterday with them with the girls she's left. And Hannah. It is like a did you hear hurts them now. I don't know if it's in the Agassi yesterday she went yeah a blanket let's and. He texted me. And he says congratulations. And some really nice words and done it meant the world. How much our heads popped up my heart just like you know I meant the world to see that. So mad colder neck collar bones and I tell you though I think this is gonna back far than in BC knocked it to haute is a bad choice in those sodas could be thought it. I'm not saying it net here's the backfire. It was also released yesterday. She's she's how big no no not. Holder is gonna make eat teen million dollars less than Matt Lauer. And that's that is going to cost some outraged that she's been assigned he has job. Eighteen million a year or less she gets seven he was making 25. OK is there something wrong with that if he's garden for 25 million she should step in it at least for the wedding. Birdie Putt. She should make the same amount of money right let's make it make it. I have no idea 28 she's she's ready to any murder police as they did add the black female yeah. I think in or less exactly I'm best Getty aren't telling you right now I think this is gonna come back cup yeah story. Because the whole thing way underpaid for that she's. Talented and all of he's getting better ratings certainly shows that umpire since Matt was like go. And he was big at 25 million they signed her yesterday for seven million that's the report. Wrong. But did you smell yeah. I do abilities. It's been in China opens the shock and barrel its end in and snack vendor picked up there. I'm with you I. Let's see here act. Had no one more than one detail I hope I wanna do this outside this now I want to tell. I talked about this jeopardy crap but I mean later when we have more time BI I don't know why you're hung up on our. It's definitely not happy Jon K can you get the audio. And then up finally finally finally Amazon is probably gonna buy and target. Did you see wind yes sir it was predicted to happen this year there on Amazon is looking to buy target I don't know why though. And I think they stay in here's my theory I don't. Will you wanna buy up the most amazing Hershey store ever which they did all foods brand. Will people still wanna kind of shop he still I just go to target and still the matter when asked not to go and get something for school real quick again and we train Amazon right. Yeah they know that they just have to have a place for people to go like we need poster board tomorrow. You know prints whatever. And it all. And yeah. And that it can be also pleased to pick up for packages. Dislike him whole foods I can't argue with the fact that it's probably agree to move because Amazon doesn't really make Dell moves. So but I don't see one way or the what were the upside is forum but maybe they do. They end it's smarter than I am. And I think about trying to hustle and good day I haven't tried it yet but I'm thinking about it my new my thanks. Luck. No it's. My teen superstars now has where you can order online he's pull up to curb in the agent load of imports in the I really promote and I have not turn tried that yet. But I don't think it about trying out I love going in the store just simply get it right. It gives us. They've really promoted it to you yeah it it's that it's a big deal at my might seem to Purcell because they don't they've knocked out one of the walls. And so they have this access area to the outside area they got these workers went back and forth in car pulling up like dropping off kids at school and kicking up. Grocery can I tell you and I think it's geared for plug in and I don't know if he's fit either one of these. I think it's cute for the elderly. And I think it's geared for people with two car seats in the back of their. So they'll have done knuckle lumps right because there's nothing worse new people know what intimate when you try to put a damn car seat. In shopping cart and buy groceries. Does a baby and at the end I would add that the car seat commencing in it yeah you know and of died Matt. But the baby in the and it's gonna so Grozny went down but still again but let me get this germ test and saying so. I'm gonna pull up and we're gonna walk out no no no you parked your car you walk you but inside you do it yourself that's what desist for how I. I feel like that you don't have to kids in the backseat the film buckled chided Clinton talks and large shopping thing followed a four dogs. Don't tell us is embarrassing. That moment please think you're super cute term right you like going on and so high. Island completely dead after having a baby and then you have to push that big orange shot and car. Yeah. And it won't hurt and your dress stink and around the corner of the north feuds and eat it like me you. There's not a single once he has to take the double one run and went to lose steering wheel zip it and and not make you feel uglier and more of them not likely to be a mom then the big racing car shopping carts. And so I'm still. He picked up I appreciate you go to garage door EC now mom loses he's and is staying hey nice guy. Yeah. And I and I. And now I'm good yeah yeah. How'd you okay I I got Sheen did I got shame to lower indication to grocery store okay I don't know on this guy OK and I fully admitted. But when you pick up. And I think most people can relate to this that Syria the people do it too but I got busted. Would you pick up something from a chief the the cold. Either or fridge or freezer or whatever it you're in the other you're in another part of the story he sees something else to replace that but instead of taking the you leave it to the other throws an area right in Italy I was OK I've now gotten OK so I won't do that I will do that so. I album this is during her break I do that and a guy who works there walks up to be goes really should. Don't know where that goes and I'm like well open. What lesson yet but I it's solely on the other side of the stardom I mean this side of the story he is picked it up looked at me shook his head and walk ball. Like real idea as I go shouldn't the I would I would show I was Croshere if I was freezer cheat sheet debt and. Yeah. Yeah. I probably deserved it you know I am not saying unanimous that he was rude or anything but. So when I see a product in front of other products and abandoned like that I think what you're doing now ha ha I. Yeah I don't know what she's a better deal OK so surreal this cheesy. Let's say you grab you grab some you know cheese let's say put the tees you know play fair game but you get to another. Other area they've got cheese and it's a better deal but you don't wanna go all the way back to the other side to distort my senior season ended I do it to the Mike they know something. Do that at the ads and you are bad that. You are everybody everybody does that right so what was I shape at. You its outlook for the company motto of the balloon can write a deadly attractions. In importance on Alex. I.