Tabloid Trash 6:30. 11/17

Friday, November 17th

it is Friday!! Jamie’s facebook is still making noise. – the Turkey Trend this year is the Flaming hot Cheetos turkey -   Sarah Paylin says she is Packing so she has never been assaulted – Julia Roberts also says she has never been assaulted – Sylvester Stallion may have assaulted an 18 year old in a 3 sum in the 80s, There is a police report of the incident. Stallion denies it. – there are 20 more accounts against Kevin Spacey and more accusations against Ron Jeremy – Serena Williams gets married – and Susan Summers with Meygn Kelly jokes about marriage rape – Colorado Mills will open on Tuesday and it is not ready – Gigi and Katy will not attend the Victoria Secrets event in China – Blake Shelton reads mean tweets about him winning Sexiest man alive.   


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Vijay and Jamie. Dude yeah. Everybody the seventeenth already in November I mean that feel like November. About. I'd lesson a week is Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is right here is so crazy. Kids are on a break after day. Their dens and for all week next week. I was trying to find that affect them on FaceBook that must tell you about those drive me nuts yeah. But I can't. But did see where a couple people at posted that erodes their phones making us some noises to my eligibility dump the milestone soon we are thinks it's. That's how I. In my phone does that it. Didn't trigger. Peck the skills. I can and I work on now we're kind of Benedict. It's big to ignore is that just drive me nuts. Let's talk about this morning first did you guys see that posted the new. Go to for Thanksgiving do you do deer Turkey with a flaming hot she don't roll. No I didn't so what you do is you bake your Turkey right. And then he cranked up bum flaming hot she goes and then you roll it in her. But she don't seem to become a big thing that Anna yeah. Yeah give Chico's or in everything so I am opposed to the recipe they say it's delicious this flame not sheet of Turkey. How can not see it sounds silly shirt cheat sheet notes giggle Rollins perfect so I go to our FaceBook page you'll see it right there and and you can make I think that's when those side turkeys down. I think you know you have your regular traditional Turkey and then you make that is like a fun side to gear you know I just think he's done an Internet parent. Like my dad I was makes a fried Turkey as our side Turkey here we have about three different Turkey. I'm going to be a potluck. You from my Thanksgiving and it's not really on Thursday they're doing and on Friday for some reason it back in my hometown yeah because of going back to see my mother. And and we're going to a family gathering. Pot luck. Jamie you can bench. Again really taught him some older people can really call a millionaire I mean southern I mean it's gonna have large in it. It's gonna have lots of voters obviously a nice guy Alicia yes no fake crap. Did you go to the radio station like yesterday no I did not. I heard are bumpy texted me. These yams was yesterday day before yes but gastric. Yeah it was yesterday this yeah he said he threw up. It's only found hair and as food. They need cities throughout the night after I get a via phone number. I am I know I went. I was like you get my number two yeah here's Pete about beat up his mind and I'll business of their pick up my son at school and but I'd come blows up that's probably. Powerball he has a sales guy here at the radio stations who whenever there's our little guy I don't know what it really does. He just those who are very pleased and goes to get he just hangs out and loaded nobody can meeting with Goodell looters not by heat he he gets all the powerball pulls together here in office but he gets really big jackpot. Andyaat the reason I'm sick and tired he's been texting me tell Jamie this help Johnny that's why I. Here's a number Utah. Where I would prefer that you not about my phone number of people. But yeah I thought at the as opposed giving thought. She had a pretty bad actually should Powell and I was like who is this. And it's. Don't good enough no economic the pot luck to you. Vietnam knighted. Evil it's outside of our public when yeah. That's right we have till 10 o'clock every day and him which once you get outside that window where does guns I. And. I anyway. Sarah Palin lets us know that does she has not been sexually harassed this illness have you ever experienced sexual harassment workplace as a ambitious woman in public life. I'm. A whole lot of people know that I'm probably pack can. Think there's a lot of people. Who where dad mr. telling us that the. Kenney bade day you don't mess with the woman's agony I have heard yet. Today after this report you mountainous so little thing with her that she carries a gun everywhere she go. She collapsed and he might be greatly. Julia Roberts also lets us to know that you have an experience sexual harassment there and number two imprudent to. Have these six I there never had this experience I mean I almost feel. Bad saying that because I don't know why I was spared. It is heartbreaking but it's not been part of my experience. And it's it's almost like met wanted to make one up. I know he was like did you go to. I was about what you have got it didn't besides that little clip there you it it's almost like are you are you sure are you sure somewhere in your pet it's like yeah. She says no. Yeah and. Sylvester Stallone is also now being accused of am but back in the eighties it's coming out now there's a police reports of this right I can no wonder house. And Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl in the eighties. The unnamed teenager alleged that Sylvester Stallone who was over forty at the time and married. Had relations with her and encourage his bodyguard. To join him. The story was brought to light because of the police report in 1986 that was dug up retired Las Vegas police department detective confirmed. That it's a legitimate copy of the original report. The teens said that she felt very uncomfortable but felt that she had no choice. And that he said basically not her head off if she ever told anybody because he was married and so as the bodyguard in rocky. Madness. He Sylvester Stallone let me just say on the other side that is strongly denying the allegations. Affects a spokesperson for this for some master said. This ridiculous. Ol story no one was ever aware of the story until it's published yesterday. Including mr. Stallone and no time was mr. Stallone ever contacted by authorities or anyone else regarding this matter he has no idea does happen because it never happened. That's going to be a problem too for this approved for them to you prosecutor on this because for according to the report they never went and talked him yeah he had no idea. The Kevin Spacey scandal grows theaters investigation finds when he more accounts of alleged inappropriate behavior. I'm supports our run Jeremy is accused of sexual assaults. Remorse by more than a dozen women. Shocker. Am and meg and Kelly and Suzanne Somers while this was going down they he had joked about marital rape Suzanne Somers and her husband. Alan Hamel both appeared on making Kelley show earlier this week and talked about sex life. I guess is that Summers was this is in Summers was boasting about how they have an active sex like every day they they are paying. And then now meg and Kelly says it's of really every day in and inches and said. Sometimes I'm not even awake well I guess in California that's considered sprouts or not. It's all that stuff has been crazy and him Andy and and the person happened to Serena Williams company. Tennis star Serena Williams is tied the knot with radical founder. Alexis big belonging and a beautiful New Orleans winning period the way. Yeah I guess what happened yesterday. Again Saturday it was million dollar wedding. On Thursday. Yeah. And is busy and weakening against. And and dollar wedding. Like you. That's a lot that in their world and yeah it's probably how bad things rabbit you know really good point. Really good point. And tell Adam mills is scrambling to open on Tuesday current mills mall is opening on Tuesday and they say it's not quite ready it never is freaked out that are heard. And it's steps to day life Friday is on and so week from today and it's gonna get Black Friday crazy. And tiered Gigi had did not dumb enough go to the Victoria's Secret fashion show in Shanghai either located Mary this thing is phone part. And there was a big Victoria's Secret fashion show in China. But it's all fallen apart. Katy Perry's been banned from China because I guess she died did so on the national glittery dress. Whenever she gets sunflowers over boobs I was that would happen to like it. China Chinese people don't like some players of your console too risque I was that would happen their culture yeah and then GG ADD. I guess she. Cars and controversy because she the squinting your rising she was the booed and then again. People would do this this pageant. When they realize all this before you go into a place like Shanghai. You would think you'd think you would think they'd done their home market like OK they don't allow this in this culture in this isn't this is not good it's not gonna work out. I guess a lot of models are having I am a hard time getting visas there's so insulting us fallen apart it's weird. And then finally let my friend. Who likes them Rob Blake well he makes fun of himself I love this. People with crazy that he was named the sexiest man alive. So he did let me know a lot of people wouldn't do. He went ahead and read them all out loud all of the meanest tweets that he's ever received about the in the sexiest man alive here they are. Let's show them here backstage at the Ellen show them just oh celebrating. People magazine's sexiest men allowed. They're all have to look at social media and see what's being set up there and Obama supporters. People and a supplementary piece of my favorite main hosts book because it's a loser bush chosen as the sexiest man off our our feet every sexy man in the world do daughter. And the great sexy funny to 2017. I don't wanna you will be missed. Well good result Blake Shelton is a six is my analog devices celebrities are so the last time. Blake Shelton is six if you can Yahoo!'s always about the Armenian and tell you about a hardy helped the American not confident player she also looks like that in drug commercial where they list office artifacts at the end while you watching Millwood murdered or else there's well. My favorite from Jonas we may be living in a time of division and straw Middle East People Magazine has united and us and our certainty that Blake Shelton does not the sexiest man ought. Pretty funny. That's likely I won't say what they would Blake Shelton thing because and again like I said on day one night I don't agree with that but who cares I mean it's it's a fictitious titled begin with. But he has kept it alive. Normally when the sexiest man woman alive whatever his name it lasts about 24 hours. And they go to write like she is the C alive all weeklong. Yeah that is ahead. I don't like some post he's great because if you follow him on Twitter which I do. Everywhere he's been this way like he was at the beach one day or some restaurant it was this place just got sexy the beach just got sexy and a post that. Each time. CE does he call you do like it like his humor I don't think he's the site and makes an excellent mix in some respects his humor me and levee breaks here. I am done an ego tablet weeks. Jane Seymour is on Alex I.