Tabloid Trash 6:30-Depp, Calvin, Prince, Ali and Gwen! 6/3

Friday, June 3rd

A Man takes his kids Trust fund of 100Million to buy a hockey team and now the kids are suing him with interest – Johnny Depp’s Ex Assistant who “released” Text between him and Amber heard is now saying they are NOT his text! And have been doctored! – Calvin dumped Taylor Swift because he was intimidated by her success, she made over a $100 Million – Ali not doing well at all in hospital in Fair condition – Prince did die of a fentanyl Drug overdose he 112 lbs when he died – Oprah says Steadman helped her lose 30 pounds – Gwen wants us to know she did not have a ring and is not engaged.     

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Vijay and Jamie I mean I was just reading this little minions and crazy I so there's this guy right. Yes and that he owns the Carolina Hurricanes would design hockey team's current. He's like part owner whatever well I guess he has this trust fund with his three boys. Can some huge trust fund that he alum and established with his kids because he founded a software company. Makes sense right so far so it's an all AEA sold Anthony's like I admire is new engine the three do you years I've. Billionaire probably oh yeah. And so he borrowed from a but the money. And and so so we can by the hurricanes right there again I guess so good idea dad you know dispose of your money. Is it backing him paid back now his boys are suing him. When I expect that fit that he's going to make money via. He put in a trust fund a Honda decided hey you know like ice. Don't buy this hockey team and a so so what else I use that money we'll all get it back one day will be dealing and he does it. And now he doesn't put the money back so the boys are so he. He money cares Stanley's heart that's what four people stay together. Actually I agree with you a 100% yet again sound. You know he wrote a thing and that said I will pay back the money was so they're not only pseudonym for the money they took out of it which is a hundred group one million dollars. But they were four million dollars in interest. Yet because that money wouldn't wouldn't get in Korea so the three boys a successor says he's flinging them for a total of a 105 point six million dollars. They say they say if you take a million dollars I don't know if you don't district that. But if you take a million dollars you put a new day into a just a normal account that just sits there to draw interest. It whatever that every chance that you will draw approximately 40000. Dollars. For every. Million dollars. Per year now estimate that some work. Which makes sense you love them no no no that makes sense though because this is a hundred million and it came out the four million. Well yeah except for that's a lot Mormon and that would just today's interest rates when we act like 2% 1% from the same I think we're at 1%. I don't know what the challenge account gets like I yeah I get like eight dollars a year but it's a lot different and it didn't happen to listen up. That's like that's what would your putting him like 400 books and I. But if you go to a bank in order to an institution and say here's a million dollar. I'm gonna leave that year because you play would that money you know as an institution. They won't give you better interest for much better eat they eat they will be paid if it's a hundred million can you imagine he probably gets that much in interest I think I ran my point zero. Four again mantras for people. Point zero what do you get ripped off I. This is like these lone cup tees giving those payday loans yeah people are struggling they wouldn't be inside your place getting a payday loan if they weren't struggling right right. And then that's thirty. Richard and now that I now borrow 500 that I got to pay you back or Powell it's ridiculous. He clients righty to each his role in this is rod. I tell you my girlfriend she butted charging look at it and it was like an I'm Megan SM number at but it was ashen as at 36% interest yeah. Yeah it. Forty even lead to eight yeah her second deck did you got guys like Montel that's out there. But tell previews these things and he is it is audience you don't like you know I've heard trouble right now borrow. Eight sheriff interest rates I bumped Carl but the you can take this month's bill which never paid a slow back. Who may imagine. When that had been doing the taxes and I had like eight dollars that the bank gaming yeah yeah. The view don't put along just hit it and you don't go to great race and 800 million dollars for this guy probably did lose out and about four melt. But those three boys yeah yeah. This pink can't I mean. It just seems kinda greedy by the kid in the final I'm sure those kids aren't struggling to know okay this is one boy the one that involved in a lawsuit. Let's see here in he is a vice president of some other hockey team look when dad dies. You think about just for me. You're damn don't sell hockey team that hockey team is not gonna go doubted yeah the problem. If it's the third worst billing. Am I able hockey team it's the third wordy gambit. Sports franchises when you get to hockey baseball basketball football they never go down and valued no matter how terribly REM. And they can be a crappy tee and they still are worth money. And yes worth 200 point five million seem as a hundred million. Euro and. I think you're gonna get that team one day you're going to be a Sele genome might get a billion dollars forward to shut opposite. Think he spoiled brat that. And now. It's humiliating did say that the data has made one payment and make them look bad. Eat yeah greedy little crack is made all the money armored cannot just cut your plane galaxy tip I'd like but I. About boys. So you know you are. Theory yesterday about Johnny gets assistant with the text yes. Well his. So there is always yesterday Johnny deaths assistant said well he gets it that these texts were leaked between he and amber heard you. Am. And it's it says it's am allegedly shows. That the assistant is apologizing to amber for Johnny's. Violent behavior. And that he's seeing now they were heavily doctored Mikey sent. You know as Stephen insists he never said Johnny attacking amber and he doesn't know of any acts of abuse Johnny's accused of inflicting a bunny amber. This is also says. We never made such a claim anyone. Adding that Johnny has never been violent towards anyone who knows bags death and Stephen. Says the tax themselves are suspicious. Because they don't even show a date. They don't know which we said yesterday when I. Time stamp I didn't look I don't. Not no they're not. They're completely according to the guy who they say it's his taxis and no I don't know whoa whoa whoa I never said any of that. That's all been doctored and guarantee there's no other show. In this town they call BS on this story but we did. I didn't because I said that their time stamp well they're accurate of the times while we somebody on the show didn't you I called it. Let's see that they didn't have dates on them. He just didn't make sense what did you make sense to me was. These are text from over two years ago or more maybe would close to three years ago nobody has of taxed on their phone. You think amber heard fallen between her and this guy haven't blown up over the last three years but get deleted after awhile well mine I was loose. Or break my phone yet in three years of three years that's what seems Sosa suspicious that they were so he and. Three years later it's really weird to me that they're not time stamped. I. Dude. And it's. BS as -- now I'm not saying he's not guilty of something cut the time when I say I'd just say and then there's that there's a lot of shenanigans going on here. Yep everything hasn't time and a date yet does. And these have nothing like accidentally. I don't have date while they changed my changes in my mind we'll have a time. Yet as right there and if you send a money hasn't tied it goes past and like last Tuesday he'll say to stay right seat again this is between a real gap. Or maybe it's the opposite I don't you name shows up as stud muffin in my son's is like not lose nothing. Well she should know who the bad news many arrows that must have been picked up. Cheney. Hit it at that. Will be stagnant on your phone. What I know you never know it but it. I knew I yes on Saturday that he never even he said he he even says that he looked us by Zach. Under oath that he never had a conversation about alleged violence than they ever. Did you see which he its distance and help okay. And our solar shows a violent side right. This doesn't help Johnny he swings in champagne out of a bottle skimmed some woman. In their outside of this nightclub in Denmark when he gets into the scuffle when his own bodyguard is just recent. Last night yesterday focused yet another altercation with a bodyguard a long time and yet not this is just the two nights ago really he's on tour within that let's think it may end of that's that vampires. Hollywood did empires or whatever they're called Alice Cooper takes the dance. And as he travels with a Alice Cooper didn't name isn't Joseph Perry. At the Joseph Perry friend Harry as played with a. Johnny Depp in that at 2 AM fight with bodyguards outside casino after swinging champagne and a concert after party in Denmark. And flirting with a mysterious blue line and Johnny Depp partied in Denmark swinging his campaign. There was a black woman a bodyguard try to lead him back inside the Johnny was in a party mood. Became as the actor 52 stayed out drinking with mobs of fans until 4 AM this does not make you look. It doesn't make you look good no not when you go through this all well what Tai yet. After a divorce she dearly here down. This was right after his. Estranged wife released photos that prove that he assaulted. Him. That's not that's not a good move for you in any. And yet. It delay your hair down clearly knew him even more so I didn't need him to drink inside you and go inside their arrangement in fed pickets and Anthony like no. Yeah tell Jack Sparrow editor. In. These mass EE he really does have a dark side yeah. That stupid makeup viewers now know it's for the for the La Pena and conserve vampires Hollywood empires. And yes he released. He still doesn't like a pirate you don't expect that Jack Ferrell. I don't know it. It's part of his vampire looked through stages that management and then I got tired of me but he always looks that way to me it's getting crazy are Arab tear. So now we know like Calvin Harris dumped Taylor Swift. Because he was intimidated by her success. I get that because it was just revealed that some 800 million dollars and 2015. Some guys don't let me put this. Boy relief and some guys can write that free ticket the fact that. Jim knows have you know. The value don't drop we're. A no problem with the free Dick Shaw and the EU could. Joseph the dish your brother I. And fled I thought I could he could in I'd be more like Tillman narrative bottom I'm old school you know I am. I had have a hard time when it I really what I think he would get to me and if it's if she made. I mean like boo coups of money and I barely made eleven. I would have a problem with the Haley he would working on my ego on managing my like made Luke whose money I wouldn't work. Extra. Stay how we take take care of the baby just take it as to feed you know an honor it is you who has knight's car in it. You the island. You think of anybody in my entire life as ever taking care of me that the that I'm trying to think of anybody play. Then. Well may be steam a little bit. Steve yeah who steep number a long time ago and he was Abbas. Ali yeah yeah I am EST if the afternoon then. Again I was nineteen yeah. I think he did Bryant of unpaid bills then after that nothing no that's and I do had to do all owner was too soon. Makes you stronger. It's added he would just missed the chip that make you sad but should making sure I'll do. Yes it doesn't. I think there's a few due soon that have enjoyed the ride. I move dim lit up Steve announced it when he won it and so I he paid all the bills you. So I do remember that's good that's good friends that's it that's what you want to toilet not back. Yet in my producers want to put. A cheap. Shot. Below I. Yeah at least there was one problem right now. I look back I don't even like remember thanking them for paying for like the phone or that. Big as it I think I just I felt he looked at it you know part of the party yeah I never thanked him until then now. What's called okay. Can apply these. There. I think he's like eating. It looks. Like Hugh Hefner. As I remember he was old in nineteen him in and then dude your old. Am Q and roof who had an answer that affect food on the table. My got an idea so a hundred million dollars and wait fifteen and so I guess and he ended things with the ad with Taylor because he was intimidated by her accomplishments. In. It's can do it. Should pay for. We guys are I don't buy that. I don't buy it owes it to. Yeah he if he does well on his own it it's not there yet to be here you know she's bony and pasted it. And he is at a nightclub in the Disco every now right now he's in the Disco and there is down anything you. Tell a and dance that he would not need them. Honesty women at the Disco are throwing their pain he's addicts and he's decided hey you know want. I'm passing up the best years of my life for that bony pasty girl up. I'm not gonna do this anymore. And that's what caused this beyond just about yeah it's not the money Noa president accept your converted 250 million a year off do so bad for you. Yeah electricity just release a song with Rihanna and if we do work but that girl and you see her lows in your debt eighty. You're not you're not married and have. If you're like we got the moves and that she does bad things in bed he's had fifteen months from a bony pasty look what he's done it. Probably we'll Fred. Francis and put it. At least he uses for it to us it's like a pack forget about it is not only paid differently than the older PC for its. Hash tag diocese of Los Angeles this is this is later in the show text NATO open contests hash tag bony pasty frigid. Contest I think that's right to go to eat its guards so I just kind of 920 million self when he issued an. It doesn't look at her nominally at like he's good at that idea to idea of whether to the greatest right. The grace you'll love Mohammed Ali he's in the hospital and am at says that he's in fair condition which is not that I was made not to like him as a kid why. Because of the people around me my parents. Ma ma ma welcome my mom didn't click check my grandfather. And people around they they liking because skipped out on the war back in the day remember that yet yet so so do I hope Joseph Frasier kick his butt in now. And but now grown to really like him. I think he's very very very good he dodged the draft. Like in Handley and users experience. Willie B went from his his name to Mohammed Ali Cassius Clay. I just I wait as you know I was you know attacks he's gonna die don't. Not looking good. And let's hear them in Arlington what's wrong wouldn't bring him. If you actually as like pneumonia is kept respiratory problems see he's got alzheimer's she's had since what like I think it was. But he's got to respiratory debt that's a good for older people. We know and he's only in fair condition you're not did we not good condition or yeah stable. But there you know. I think in place in India. And we had. Prince's death speaking of their death. At prince's death was and caused by AM an overdose of that that of Clinton and didn't know. There's that little thing about it. What killed princess no longer a mystery the manner of death was an accident. They said that prince self administered that you and that he died from fat no toxicity. Ten no is 100. Or ia 100 times stronger than morphine. Strung. Him. Our hundred times Jaime could be even function as a as a person and if you remember when he died that drug dealer came out. And then drug dealer remember those pictures that were in the tabloids and stop that guy hold things up fentanyl patches. Out and saying hey this is what killed -- I know I sold them doing. Remember I guy he was right it was and a key traffic guy was again charged with the murder. Ever find him and now that the tablet well I guess it is the media and they don't have to give up their sources. So you can't get that information the cops can get it. Yeah they're they're allowed the protection on map. Is that a hundred times stronger than morphine yes so I remember when my dad that is car accident and took X. And so he was on a more finger in the hospital knew any day it that yet many don't try any personal button to pick. Well he doesn't remember of me being at the hospital right. And that was the morphine drip control runt so how is it even. Floats well here's what happens when it would it would addiction like this cat he has been doing purchase adds he's been doing morphine he's been doing all these opiates for so long that a system becomes immune to attend. Yeah all of a sudden you keep and then you gradually get to fentanyl. And then. You know before you know what that's the only thing that gets you off anymore and then you finally just overdo it your body can't take anymore and you know it's a patch. It can be a shot can be idea yes but it most people use it as a patch it's one of those patches you put on your body absorbs. That and ideally you'd type that says that and he would spend 40000 dollars a month yeah. Or two drugs delighted in that fentanyl patches. It's a lot of heart no that would firsthand beat him when I am a knee surgery I had delighted. That's. There was also saying it's over fifty times stronger than heroin. To put in his street drug perception like out lead this. He died and weighing a 112 pounds. Didn't love him. He set. That is sad you know hey here's the weird part never thought of him as it I think that mentally day you know eat. Right because the as a vegetarian like healthy. That's exactly what I was gonna say none of us saw it now. I'm there at Michael Jackson we saw it coming. We knew that he was popped up on stuff. But prince there was no work. None. That I know of any. And in it I just know that her thirty pound weight losses because a vast Edmund because he really encouraged her staff. Seedings and we like to she's analyst Edmund. Want an out and give credit to Weight Watchers feel announcement in his engine. Put the other audio problem so you get to the statement diet again and it lets an eleventh. The error was ad when once listed known as she did not have a ring in the bottom of bug in a Jagan. When asked about the proposal are actually she's a huge if she's engaged. I can you imagine. The amount of gossipy weird like stories of people make up like I need immediate. It makes you laugh every day like I actually killed. Google my name genocide in these next one that's gonna happen because this has it gotten so out of control like. I think that was the best part about it is this whole area had the worst part about it is that some people actually police that. And can do a quick score here on a bucket of chicken yeah and in these rumors out there I like to say this week BJ is to pretend you don't. BJ institute for. I think Jamie's one for one I don't think she ever bought chicken story I really don't want to cut because she laughed when they wanted to believe it but she never thought there was that he of C book that you get an arena tomorrow Tiffany's or five million dollar went on the other hand Sean her over to the professor at a time. You've got sucked into both Hamas the body and the bucket of chicken story in the tech story due to hold Johnny Depp thing you hope the two bodies at the it's horrible. A boy yes but given. She never really said anything about it she doesn't knowledge about the magic and she says rumors. Right that aren't. And if there really was a bucket of chicken are you in bears to go high and an interview NC yes the man and dating proposed but it's. So he's kind of go over that and say maybe it happened maybe is known to. Yeah I kinda gives a blow people away. I listened. The entire interview yeah and this clown that interviewed her first of all I'm I'm gonna Colin McLeod simply because. Eating every mask about ticket. He didn't need it never brought did you get up how you do an interview with that crazy story out of there right wins the Bonnie you don't bring up the bucket of chicken I'm gonna tell you lag wise because she gives. You get stipulations before you do an interview some of these celebrities do you know and she said don't bring up the bucket to dig it hasn't happened has. I was told I couldn't ask Tina Fey about her scar. Right exactly I mean we always get rules about certain people and have scandal PM and because I happen. They weren't allowed to bring up about the to keep him so that's like us a shot and that's what you balking the CEO of the Cincinnati zoo and we can't bring up guerrillas we gonna talk. Campbell it's yeah actually. That's what it's like well don't tell me this oh. And she says he's stupid rumors throughout medicine Dinh acknowledged rocketed did get us an idea. I can you imagine. The amount of got to be weird like stories of people make up like I didn't need it makes you laugh every day like I actually killed. Google my name just so I can see the next one that's gonna happen because this has it gotten so out of control like. That was the best part about it is that apple Larry I had the worst part about it that some people actually believe that. Being asked to be married and say no was not how Larry's up buckets and yes that's what he's talking about though she didn't knowledge because why because. Jamie you keep this up you're gonna be open to miss wish I. I don't know how elegant speech in the importance on Alex I.