Tabloid Trash 630 Oprah's favorite things 11/4

Friday, November 4th

Kendall Jenner spends 52,000 dollars on a couch. She also got a Rolls-Royce, it was a gift from her mother for her 21st birthday. Kim and Kanye fire long time body guard. Nick Cannon is having have another kid with ex-girlfriend. Megyn Kelly says it’s hard working at Fox News in her new book. Oprah releases her 2016 list of favorite things.

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BJ and Jamie. Yeah yeah. Hey yeah they're in the food. Does dad does. I learned that let everybody use now that Kendall Jenner just spent 52000. Dollars on a cat. To see the couch. I did is got it and I am so here's what I would describe it adds to that looked it up. If you look at boa couch you can see what we're talking about. It looks like a bunch of bean bags that are also together but in that kind of a chord pattern but they're a bunch of bean bags is to really low to the ground. It's dumb and you just sinking and it's just weird looking yet is so it doesn't even look like it couch. But this picture is bad habit but if you look it up yeah let's do it here it looks like the one of those masks lead by from a dog. Which a little higher than a look all that didn't in this this thing Minnesota is really low it clearly picture of city it's like a bunch of bean bags sold sewn together. How much was it 52000 dollars 52000. Is an IKEA. I that I have a knock off for like 52 but shouldn't that that that Ali for that yeah. Looks of the bunch of worms sewn together. Like one long strip bush of a pillow all Qaeda and knocked. 52 grand why do we come up with a move I would never thought I may pay 52000 dollars that it's ugly and then suddenly there's as a full color. I'm having recliner problems and don't I own it and it's pretty sad what happened. And it's cracking and chipping and breaking even is just gone unknown bring them. Well not only that Jamie they have come get the first. Because it started cracking in in in its whether they're or supposed to be I think we've got who blather I think we were hoodwinked on this. Because they came and got it because the first time it started like were your elbows were instantly started cracking and break her it's so we got another what they brought it back. A Protestant who went to the old when this was doing the same thing. Only student right out of your head and in there uncomfortable but it's a Dick me boy yeah handling the ball game and I got these things to get in the neck. My blood put Afghan Els and it's a real problem at home Afghan African nap Afghanistan. Asked again I don't print Afghanistan over it or powerful or pedal to just one in our neighborhood who never. Against this and like I was seven and that's why can't hit Afghan or path paddies. Drive you nuts when you think the word the haven't used and why he could he would pronounce it because you forgot exactly how it goes. Like grab he's just didn't like go see Newsday you know what those things she is to make him out again applicants. Afghan Afghan. Stand Afghan the AFLAC. Afghan in in Afghan army of guys that have not and until we should all. So all great all over a deal lately but it does that a Saudi Shaw. More than Joseph Bruno and not feel like say an Afghan isn't like racist did themselves. Anyway. And thought so anyway she said she's excited to finally get get her house all decorated and ask him how all the scandal like 122. 021 sorry. 52000. Dollars and she's 21. Who makes the news that she's what you what that there. He won another story about. And I think she turned 21 yesterday I everywhere today Kendall Jenner one. She's the model right. Yes okay so as she does so got a Rolls Royce. Just doesn't seem very practical for 21 year old in LA. Well the role you know I want one of Rolls Royce at any age either. You keep it's I mean I take it reminds me of it looks like British royalty or something like the queen meg worldly and Julia green would be an. Kindle jitters mom Chris spotter Rolls Royce verge wafers birthday Wednesday the car is waiting for cannot and west Hollywood's new racetrack Delilah as. Kendall's sister Khloe took a photo of the roles relation posted on her snapped yeah. Then president. Let's not tell Libby. Though I think I've just beat my head beaches swimming today but to put my litmus sit Rolls Royce is great for an old acquaintance or god is stalling for time. No I I feel like he's going through some stuff I do. What are you know. Excuse me just being like I changed my life. I think it's my diet. Three B three like that you know food does did you think we are things. They said. Certain foods you PD Jamie that will spark the thoughts that you can. Are you with what is it what I bar yeah both drives I think no I haven't done that well. Next time I'll close and first he's the perfect. That doesn't help I know the role in the letter. Let's get to me because I. Didn't. I anyway I'm not questioning Kanye West fired longtime bodyguard did. And I hate my life just look at it that's what active. It's to their swank and nick and get a big city there are good for Nicky you. For girlfriend Brittany bell is expecting his child. I guess she was a former miss Arizona ex girlfriend pregnant. Source tells US weekly the former miss Arizona USA is six months along in the pregnancy. She and make data often on sensed when he fifteen. Don't like he was on more than off the hip kidney. Cannon's third child he also shares custody of private plans with Mariah Carey. From. I don't know but just getting. Kind of received the twins I think they should know some with. And then he IDC Mariah you don't see the twenty CNET you don't see that weren't. And Megyn Kelly what does all that no this is the gorilla and really super hard to work at Fox News and the media as the book. But for. Why yes. Or. It's certain new are. Called settle for more. But it's strange for me ask you said about this because it's only find it strange. I don't know what happened over clocks out of an of big in Cali was sexually harassed I don't know. I thought it strange though that when all these women came out against his Roger Ailes got Fox News he had to route didn't leave his job only got like a thirty million dollar parachute to leave which is a nice parting gift yet this. Not so Roger Ailes has solely because all these women come out here meg and Kelly you're you're pretty much the face of Fox News when it comes to female anchors over there. Why did you jump in with these women have become a part of that the fight to sexual harassment at the workplace instead you save your story for a book. Slater meanwhile these women are being you know they're they're they're doing their thing and used keep your separate from book. As she's Smart. Enrich. You mentioned not wanna leave it go can now a conniving to earth report. She described being summoned to have Roger I got a set up our largest New York profits where again pushing the limits and engaged and they. Kind of cat and mouse game. Veering between obviously inappropriate sexual charge comments about that very sexy bra she must have been how you like to see them person. Yeah and then she says he'd actually give they give legitimate professional advice publicly or sexy but it's. They came into the office and the. They all are. And then she makes a lot of money I'll bet she does solidify his bros and oral dollar per share. This is bruised and yeah yeah it was yeah. And your movement right on the air about like the sound like some of my mom would wherever they aren't those really fancy ones are not as well. Ebbers ears. It was like country. Is king Amber's here. Well from. A brilliant. Missouri and that. Yet another story that I think well they do hair in the future just let you do it at mad. It can't allow us to the. And finally Oprah reveals her Tony sixteen lived up to her favorite Spain who knows that sort. Well listen they go through it brought she should be the really yeah. Ice because she always does her favorite things you know out she used to give her whole audience everything of her favorite things is favorite stuff this is like a Christmas list yeah. So it is yes. She picks up. Actually bot to avert things that she's that she'd had a list this year hawks yet one Amway is it's an America and it's a coffee table book. Any say in the book company it's a big heavy traffic to the table but and you sit in the boat company a picture. A what you want on the cover so you're like it's my kid so I hit my kids on the cover of and it has America. In the big coffee day but. It's awesome. Fillets and on the cover of my big book wouldn't do would that set you back a feeling a hundred bucks. Or book. Truly kid's picture and let my kid out of the woods as the told pretty good so it's worth it now. It's. Actually did quite. Hundred dollar book Shawn got a team but you know I'm a fancy bizarre as you can buy them back up in Brooklyn. Bridge ears r.s one what is what is again busier brassiere. And electric grills is on the list. Haven't gotten the Los yet. The two hour of talk eight. She could barely. She likes the tower atop the it's fifty dollars at work she likes adult coloring books your girlfriend gets it likes those. 20 reality and you think Sonia. Let's see here it says she likes these gloves at commend trios instead of payers so you have a spare glove that combines a spare blow it. It took for three it'd be a topic I. She likes cake that looks like a twin bed a plant. She likes a giant lipstick tube with a giant lipstick tube. Nina and 65 dollars she's lost. She lives in a different world she likes or doesn't think it would your dog's face he and drawn on it that's 400 dollars. And she likes Oprah's favorite wines in customizable bottles for 99 dollars and you look at the big list. Include trying to find out now. All of a big lead in 0080. Salt pepper your legs though still. You're not excited about Oprah's favorite things now how come. None of this kind of fits my cup that he covered the health conscious food prior. And both food prior. Accident in what you through. Health conscious about it. You throw that in front of anything or quit listening right how about a food for iron that went three and out have you used your prior. Should she stick it kid thinks so it. Like crazy are you kidding. Every day almost yeah all right deep fry tonight cool breezy I won't ghost Oprah's favorite things will share with you on face I'll tell you. Jimmie right now I'm let me tell you something okay to eat this deep fried that I bought and I went on Amazon and apply here I think it's called a Winger a Laney. Something it's it some don't Winger I think it's Wang W a NG at every set of weighing owing him any anger idea I don't rely on delaying care and I got the Laker beat prior to that I got the that the that press that the need president's thing get tickets and Cuisinart yep all right. Two of the best purchases I think I've ever made in my life they rank right up there with big screen TV ring. That's how good luck yeah but Jamie it's unknown but I don't think I've used to scale it sits up bought that press. I cooked everything on drilling that each year for an unbelievable. Everything's an opinion the critical look. Well I have suit any need it but if you could put up. Old dogs out then she took what she didn't they could need health conscious I don't choose to be put it could be. Great best thing that ever you great purchased there was big screen you know it's right well Big Three will play. Dosing to purchase as to have my big screen in the box and you don't remember the one I bought off Amazon give a prime day. It's still in the box and hard to watch. It was good just so I can thank you went right anyway they go Della trash. Each in each week day mornings on Alex I.