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Tuesday, September 11th

Tabloid Trash: Red Rocks stairclimbing event to remember 9/11 and it is the largest in the country. They take the same amount of steps that it took to go to the top of the World Trade Center. Julie Chen, the wife of former CEO for CBS, did not show up for The Talk. Kathy Griffin went on a Twitter rant, yet again. BJ believes it is for self-notoriety. Jamie speaks about Lady GaGa’s new movie. Kanye West is giving Kim props on prison reform. KIM IS IN LAW SCHOOL????? No, Kanye misspoke & Jamie believes he is a pathological liar. Nicki Minaj took to online to defend herself against Cardi B. B&J feels Nicki is afaraid of Cardi. Subway’s jingle is going away, makes Jamie sad

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Hollywood news in DOS tell Hollywood isn't gosh she's tabloid trash and analysts 1059. And. Yeah. Andris well obviously it's 9/11 today and column ran from Colin Wright helped Colorado is having its angels stair climbing and then at. At red rocks so we all trying underway there right now. And it is one of forty stair climbing eventually it's held around the world. And did you know this the one in red rocks is the largest in the country really yet not crazy you know I didn't either. Yep DC are climbing here red rocks is the largest in the country out of the forty that they have across country. It's nine laps around the empathy either. And it's Tim marked the seventeenth anniversary of the 9/11 attack. And that it serves on the members of the 343. Firefighters and 3000 Americans. Yeah I wonder if they do one data that big stair climb. What does it admitted to spring TM is is that where the series are imminent I would if they do in there because had he the perfect place right England yet. You can't be beat I don't think they can hold me people. It's a single file up and single file them and we allowed people to Sweden park like start going up. So that. I you can get them. We asked yesterday. Remember we said oh I don't know of Julie Chen is illegal and been beyond the talk where like. I wonder should be on it or not she didn't go on machine nausea did not lead to get it was a bad day yeah I don't blame them. Because her husband was accused of content to an Al Arab at least lists moon they use the up. And dad but although it was weird because the top didn't ignore the whole thing here's what they had to say. Admitted they never say in my life but I'm kind of stemming mister K now just because this hits close to home it doesn't change the story. All women's stories matter he's not been convicted of any crime banks obviously the man has a problem today and we break in the opposite now. All boy and said he had a problem is that's their big bodies of serial walker hasn't that. Speaking out last minions it says Kathy Griffin claimed that the CEO Adam said that he she couldn't do late night TV show until Tenet twittering. Yes and yes she's hit a few any year this and didn't stick husband. And she said but I bed tonight she's great and I mean you know what you should I go hand in addition to issues discussed nearly whenever. She she does this should or shouldn't assume he's ransom the F view and blah blah blah blah blah per self yeah to get notoriety for herself I see no reason she does. Yep because he never said anything less than four up but now you are both but it's never come up before but now he's in the news low celery you know crazy. I'm really want to see this movie stars harmony comes out. It looks so good it looks like Lady Gaga is amazing and I'm sure the trailers the reviews are awesome and they RS and so I guess she was on Good Morning America and should dial teary eyed. Here it is holes you said in an interview that Lady Gaga is a revelation. What does that mean I'm just so glad god gave her the talent that she has and chose her. Because that's quite a vessel. To go through because really what you do that then she's such a beautiful human being. And true. Some people you've never seen anything like that I mean like I'm a vessel and. No never have. He's deadly saint. An anonymous near a city your letter K. You said that community today he didn't say that today working he has nothing on January I want to be like the veterans that plays it like that Batman Ed Bradley Cooper vessel. I wrote let me here in Libya but. Earlier. You said in an interview that the Lady Gaga is a revelation. What does that mean I'm just so glad god gave her the talent that she hasn't been chose her. Because that's quite a vessel that's to go through because really what you do that and she's such a beautiful human beings what you think it's true. Now they're sitting here now not he never ever set as a beautiful human being mean no. He couldn't he think it's cool. Well awake and where you. I. I get back to. Then I got a formula two words don't ask about and really nice I can right. I did getting lag camera. Props on prison reform dear god listened. I love it I love it that's what that's all we focus on helping people empowering people that don't have a voice. You know breaking down the classics that has. Two million African Americans incarcerated now a lot of is not violent crimes so. We gonna do. Everything that everything we can't really doing anything she's. Period my wife is in Moscow now. And it's slowly we're very well well well she's in law. Oh. Have been seen a picture her going in the school would books and thinks he gradually from high school now she's not in law school. Let's let's what kind of laughed it. I'm Moscow it not only that have you noticed that she's on this whole new kick this new prisoner and I guess it was uncovered. They would she didn't know about. Then he's got a a rap sheet a mile law the guy had in any it's gonna what. Nobody even covering it now remember should put the what else. Head down and talk to have Donald dragon bad guys aren't all this guy got busted with the like fifteen kilos of okay. IV and it didn't none of that was brought up would've first came to light. And his prison sentence got suspended but he broke the law again and that's why he's back in breads. I shines Soledad an update on that all of them and you can be yeah it's quite different kinds I think about. And they shine as close right now lead and then now I'm gonna go live to the newsroom with an unlocked all. Edgy and. I do have an update recruit four according to what I'm reading here that did Kim Kim's husband Kanye a misspoke. We had his wife and his wife was in law school a rat from the guard actions clarified by saying she is not a school but she's rather deeply involved. In prison reform yet and now likened it to her work. To attending school. There was no. Like these line he's completely like. Eight we would know about it because you don't think they would put the law school's Internet TV show they're doing now they would they would exploit debt all the way you know. And not only that and in the paparazzi they would have had you know a shock to her going in and out of the whatever you know. In a lot of school they have data is certain GO DA I think certainly what accepted certain ones you do yes. She is the ease lied. Isn't it takes for ever I think she's thinking of that movie legally blonde she thinks it's a lousy idea at least we think it's that easy. Yeah same instant app. Tell me day out I was tickled when they Lyle diamond logical X. Tells me there's no. Room. Yeah. It's disconnected. Grazing. I want to defend herself against Carty. Yeah pretty well and even now on certainly let me just go on record having said I would nab are. Talk about anyone's child or parenting. I don't care about anyone's parent can and it's so crazy to me that people. Always need to make a neat the bad guy if you're right in whatever you're doing you don't ever have to make someone into the bad guy. Just speak your truth when you have to say that I said what did something that you know I've never set are dead I think I'm winner will we lose that number. I'm from no clue came from somewhere to but he just doesn't throw a shoe I believe that demonize and and Nicky says they expect. Yeah and we and you're sad and I really this is not funny this is not about tagging. The best they can approve or. A black woman and she. Does and hey yeah. You put your hands on certain people and you going to do you should see dish cooler fat. Or sad what sick in the beginning yeah we are sad and I really bad motoring greens we have bad. Creating read that. Let's hear an regarding Kim Kardashian and law school law school is a master's program. Like a massive program you need to have a bachelor's degree apply and be excepted. He got his degree at that. Sale of. Pete. Are making what I audio clip here. I was. More tough fight to not I was ending Alexander vote CA get out and OK more of the month and runway. At K. And I could not believe. How old. Humiliated. In a while Phelps because it's how we've. Made ourselves. Look. I think Nicky is afraid McCarty will be. Yeah I'm afraid when they meet up again and Carty scum and after. I think she she realizes that. I wish those two girls who do get along they're both very very talented and go team party and government pick one I'd be great paper view. Well I just can't support Nikki asked that that. Outfit she wore black album. I tell me that she just that that is true it if they get into it again Nicky does have the weight advantage. Is she sits on Carty be. Squish them that would be over. Cards can be careful that's what she keeps her distance and throw stuff. But I like that. And then finally five dollar. I'm down at the this is going away. Would you going away. Day on not a total. When he got similar franchise people they get to keep it they wanna keep me just not gonna advertise it would these national spots and no but there are a lot of their a lot of franchise people who will probably keep it because such a big deal. Instead I know I just went into subway yesterday young and they're tried a whole new board like they have this whole new board to try and like so confusing right so I know I was I looked up I got all my god they get rid of the white bread. If we can't really have led to bread listed did you notice that when. No as I said specially bred her we yeah man. Who. And then and then the fourth board is like you could make it a signature wrap. Let's signature. Learned of the descent. Signature rap at Jupiter and it just even more healthier. Eating the wraps are healthy and to our. And I just like it takes too long to make it seem like she. Does now everybody's Towson M. Can toe tap sticks a little outpost and I I don't I am sorry now now let them know whatever she can't what's. If you let it doesn't matter struck I'd better I'd rather have a toast but it takes to long I can't get much work well at least you. Ether and I wonder how long of those new bottles been sick not school here. Silver thing. With plastic. Yeah I don't think about and I think back in the warm and that's plastic wrap is the plastic into my ball. I voted that. Yeah I'm not a B ball over there not know enough for him coming out to can meet Paula spaghetti leprosy not CNET. Enough but I do like NF thought the same thing when it comes to the tone how logs don't have been there. Now I had in mind now they don't I do ordered the doomed. It I don't know how bad. And is soon to point that they do is go to school quicker than the meat balls are just a final thought is on Enron template. A lot of those people were in Maryland it. It just I don't. Goodness when I go undermine the one near my house is a pretty happy you're happy yet he's been their for ever a good guy yeah he's like a lifer yeah yeah I think that's his rear I mean I didn't. Yeah he's gonna retire there when I stand there I am always thinking and we just give me frequency. Tough and put it. Yeah tablet to change we see more on Alex I.