Tabloid Trash 730. 1/3

Wednesday, January 3rd

The Power ball and Mega Millions. – Fixer uppers chip and wife are having another baby – BJ feels bad because he is hiring someone to put up blinds in his house – Is Dr. Phil getting his guests drunk? - Justin Timberlake has a new album and it will be out Feb. song could drop on Friday. and he is doing the Super Bowl too. – Hoda was named as the host of the Today show and she says that Matt Lauer did text her a congratulations but the problem is she will make millions less than Matt did. Youtube star Logan Paul says sorry – Trumps tweets.


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Vijay and Jeanne. We got scary well what's that we. Really don't allow business ever and yes. They're not given listeria in a moon moved Vienna. And I'll just post it. He appeared. Oh it's not here. If your hear your biscuits or find it's other states yeah so let me just exit that it's not where it back to business Colorado is not only are not. On the biscuit links. That close Clinton NAFTA like look and and you know crazy I love those frozen biscuits snow day on those the best and buttermilk southern oh. In any and all 440 million. Men pebble or whatever they call it 343. Million they're saying that we have a chance to win up to 800 million dollars of dwindled. Correction corrects shed meg has gone up to 400 live almost fifty million now because nobody won last night may. There is a lot of money on the table body for two women both. We can't be crazy some one ticket. For each one person has both tickets. That you know I thought this yesterday to be really crazy I mean this is to sell their right courtesy what if what if somebody had. But ticket for each and both had identical numbers. Whelan and why. What if you had eight mega ticket and a powerball tickets and all the numbers on both Wear the same. And both hit that would be crazy dean while all. Let's get smaller re different collapses smother weird Yemeni students. I don't smoke refer it thank you very much I would have gone with that you did know it but I just think I. I just I sit around and I'm playing Jamie Matt Mason brat didn't hold everything so something's just spew out. You haven't sad about that. My favorite TV couple. Yeah I saw that I'm so. Of them I grew up that visit this factor of ten kids on. Chip and Gillian gains. And haven't about things. You can stop. I feel like to do. Past three though this greedy it's too greedy and greedy being too greedy. Fixer upper stars chip and do it again or expecting they just announced their feet but I keep me. Rain they have two boys and have two girls also what this is indeed we do. That. Them. Anyway here's the I found my sister and I were discussing this of the Christmas then you know I your brain lord and my sister out. I'm amazed and not just doesn't stop some ice there doesn't like the whole beginning of fixer upper polls show at the beginning of the pick out three ounces. Via. I'll accept which we found out later that they are you have owned a house that they just did go through the rhetoric and and unified. I've watched it I think. They take out Rory eat they go and get three ounces in in the decide don't wind right but in real life they Barry bond. That's secret and yeah. Most of the already got the hell they are to have. Yet because you can work on moon ranked. So I am. So what we wanna do is because I'm slightly sister where I'm excited when I'm flipping through the channels and say it's like oh I don't know 7:42. AM which it is right now. I'm excited to watch some fixer upper because I know the am feelings coming up on that panel with her. That the whole process alone okay AA there's Japanese. Hammered that nail it not every and you know. But dean if we did a montage of all the before and after I'd watch that snow. You would need four after I did like Dion Bailey yes I do Andy's super cool to you know he really let guys like. By comeback is somebody one day I would come back is chip didn't go off here. Because he couldn't do it all you know and I in May that because I can't squat to me and he I have played you know I'm and it renders by each of her coming here. I. Here. And I'm embarrassed to say this now that we're talking about shifted his cell abilities and how he can transform a house and everything he's not a violent person coming to my house today. To put up blogs. And you know bias your window blurred into that can be difficult. They shouldn't not for a dudes like me yeah they shouldn't be I mean I think it's just too little. Brackets one over and over there and they slip them in the bracket and I know. I think it's tied at six screws up again. In him he's doing thirteen today. That's why did you do one I know you IKEA baby the all the way I figure it is that Jamie he gave me thirteen Bart's first why I don't know what room. And to even start with because they're different sizes. A so. I would be it would take me five or six days to do this he's gonna knock it out than an hour and a half the and that's what eat out so yeah. To get the experts like tell you that they feel bad about it because of its Blarney I should be able as a human being has a Mac and I should be able to put up block. Yeah I don't think he could do well drill for. It went on there and me. Now I don't I just I see maybe put an ambulance crew than you and Matt Matt Simpson. What we. I had to take down all the old rules because they they don't do that so I gotta go in and take them now. Which I've done over the past month. I've got two more left you learn to push the button and it reversed and players and it took a while it's too. Cheap to. But what I'm saying is that I took down a taken down. Ten of the thirteen of the past 34. I do them just the way I feel like we're mostly in the men. Come to him apart. I'm no chip so that back to ship all right stick to get our ship is like he's amazing he agonizing pace means. Way. Tell you about this happened well Iran and make change. The allegations that are about Dr. Phil they're bad people so we are on vacation so I know this'll Lleyton story that we still anti about it. Am apparently allegedly Dr. Phil is allowing. Not contestants went into the gas gas guests of the show to the Biden in them alcohol and drugs before they come on the show here's still a little clip of what we're done. My mom and step dad they knew I was drinking a lot and they didn't really know what to do. They emailed Dr. Phil show I show up to the studios. And I'm sober I'm hurting a lot and I'm shaking my dad was there and I went and talked to him in his dressing room and I was completely sober and then they pull me into my dressing room. And there was two rulers of vodka in Mike's web goals and orange juice and stuff like that. You know being unsupervised. By him my parents IA. Growing the entire bottle. And then at some point somebody gave me as annexed it said this will calm your nerves. And so I had been drinking and took a xanax which I've never taken xanax before my life. Coach Meyer and tied the next thing you know I'm being carried onto the stage because I can barely rock and drove. Do you think you are and have borrow. Vodka. Point 263. He had two point 63 is that what is set or point 264 to 63 guys and happy. Holy cow. A thing. Him it wouldn't rule that there's and island the problem without apology really but the bottle of vodka in his green room. Is dressing room. No yeah you wouldn't think so bug and I don't know this unfolded the way this guy is saying that it did I feel like that. Yeah the bottle was in there I don't feel like that. Did happen I'd think there was cynics probably called the Lesotho where he's worried that he was drunk there's no doubt about that he was in on it. I think Dr. Phil yes supplied it. But I beat this guy before even showed up did already discussed hey we need you to have a few cocktails before you come on. We need to really sell this thing you got a problem it's a TV show. I think they're all it cahoots. What do you remember from that bachelor compared ice or whatever it. That it and member that was done and what really wrong or show went really wrong and that girl and the guy said they loaded them up with. With cocktails to the play of black out that I remember what happened in the pool Lynn all those producers went right Gonzales out. They were shooting and they all got drawn they got the pool media thank you thank you south and then just crazy. They can't have them. You know it does make for about National Journal and what you think that they push these shows like Dr. Phil for example don't you think that they are kind of pushed him. There way into that Jerry Springer type. TV show. They want this KI saying its ratings for them it's far more interesting for him to talk like that. Yeah then being sobered up. Because you don't buy that he's a drunk when he sober. Now name like she'll love it. I'm watching yeah sadly in. A city or what else do I have to say average about this I'm excited about Justin Timberlake new album. Here's what he had to say about it. A poke holes I was speaking. This government really inspire younger son and wife. Handling and more so than any other alma that are written wound from. And his personal. The person it's personal he's meant to speculate there might be one new song released on Friday this Friday in two days so we're gonna. Jim Courier to the grounded in return for the stars and could. Kodak said that Matt Howard extender. After she was named to the job on The Today Show she's going to be the permanent replacement for Matt Lauer was Savannah Guthrie and Matt Howard Exeter are usually. He texted me and he said. Congratulations. And some really nice words and done it meant the world. I'll put my solid text pop up my heart just like you know I meant the world to see that. Really meant the world camper infamous sexual rat. And that of our wouldn't even mention. It even mention the fact that he texture. And it. Though that ball he is the fourth highest YouTube star. He makes twelve point five million dollars cheese. But he made huge mistakes friends huge mistake. When he was in that Japanese. Forest in the constantly and suicide or whatever and he came across the body. Unfortunately well I. He. He didn't. I I haven't seen the video but what they're saying is that he didn't act appropriately. When there's a guide their dead hanging hanging in the woods real life I dead move and so he's now apologized a second time his recent. However politics yeah. One of the politician who has seen you wanna apologize to anyone who has been effective protest by mental illness but depression or suicide. But most importantly I want to apologize to convince him. And his family. Hurt my fans who are defending my actions. Please don't. Chrissie digging came out for him and said hey listen the guy has apologized he made a mistake isn't it time that we and strategist. Like destroying people and social media as they make a bad judgment instead learn to accept their apology. T here here's what I don't think he understands though. I don't interest eons but the bad judgment was because everything's being banked on this body that was found hanging from a tree and how it was shown on new to. The bad judgment was UN to a place called the suicide. Forests. OK so you're looking for that. I don't know I just don't get. An up by an apology. I had seen so I actually can't can't judge me. I think don't ever racing and I'm trying to learn this new thing where I don't judge people list of social media and relay as it myself yeah. I don't know what this guy is done in the past. I have no idea I'm sure there's stuff on it it's very controversial. Mixture really we don't need. He's a goofy guy so kids watch what that what what was Segovia about gore too political to support I. I don't think he actually got it happens. You know I don't think that that's what you eggs you know you hear about these places new thing I don't know. They have to Gary and yes. Tonya Harding said yeah she heard about it that they were talking about instead I got what are we talking about that's all she knew. Whom. Ryan Grant I here she knew there was going to be a big need bashing. She know it. Could only do legally good literally less. Gillooly. Were it was a tape it wasn't good goalie they still only with a with a better bodyguard boyfriend's day. And I can be like go to Lulu let's go to Italy. But this and Tonya Harding have you seen her picture. Lately. Let's just say she's not figure skating tour who don't cool. That'll only nice in an army of. He's definitely did or applaud the important part I can see. That behind you can't. Put her in a rake. The joke though are. Air pocket and carry Tucker I appreciate it yep that's again did that joke about an hour ago. But he'd he'd just keeps you use your stick on it. And yeah. Am I got you know it's funny because we talk about jumper and then columns and all the people. Travel gate I I didn't radio's the agent might not listed I got. Where to run off people up. I said I should I want to keep them I am wary is because it's Britain and elsewhere the stock market so. Right there he picked. For our economy. So here's what happened. In the air. So that would Kim Jung Yoon. Mean that Sarah. Kim Jong-un. And right he said to me. That and decently and but he's an I got to build button here got nuclear button and it's not my desk it's ready in time we'll think cure and we get these job like. You really my buttons bigger. Everywhere X no way everybody's meant. Because there's an it's like two little kids on playground I mean I took about area. And so and this is funny because it's about nuclear weapon. That's a little bigger and my nerves other than your mom move. So they're saying that it's reckless and even calling Kennedy in the 25 amendment or something and the calling for his resignation. If they can do it like that witnesses say. That you were lunatic. That you're net. It just it basically says very confident known to be depressed it does have a moment and I. You also said between yesterday that he said installer did Kim Jung stood side. He did not say that. Parents tall order. Because north court Koreans are our shore up and I said I picked the tank the reunion. I don't to. I don't know what's going on here pretty crazy. Isn't it Eric I thought entertaining you do I do that yeah black wacky it's. With our present wax here a bit better with our president in light highlighted what like Bill Clinton do though he was good Greeks have in the oval. I didn't. Well at these trends that are she's crazy man. I mean. It does that would that girl is the old school are all this didn't and you think about the wacky stuff that your hearing with Twitter and everything. Go back to the mid ninety's okay. Go back to what actually happened in that Oval Office is huge and that is cool where easy when you think about it okay via. The tweets and all this that you can say what you want. Right there Monica's big ask to sit on the button. All of that was uncalled for. You should be ashamed. I knew you I apologize right now she. I've been listening all I mean are you apologize to her right now. Am sorry eagle at night game and it got things out there at the university get second that's not the player Magid. And I can't honoring that's felt that. Not that he is dancing and think about as well. But it doesn't have a specific hit it solid and hit it that well. I'm Blackberry app. At least you know unique. I am right there and that is my. Speech in Seymour is on Alex I.