Teacher manual and Airplane trick or treat 11/2

Wednesday, November 2nd

Teacher training manual. Teacher giving advice to other teachers on social media. The proper way to erase a chalk board. Do it vertically not horizontally less shaking. Man passed out candy on airplane for Halloween since his daughter so she could trick or treat on the plane since they wouldn’t be home to be able to do it.

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Vijay and Jamie in this so true to this teachers such training manual that came down. This one little section near nice out if you are a teacher you're on your way to school female female. Tino teacher on your way to school. Read the manual this morning and in this whole thing around does come from where is this teacher and when you do you know is it a standard teachers menu. Innocent and decent punishment teachers FaceBook page. Gone viral. It doesn't say. What. I just I decide I decide. So it's not an exact teacher and what she does this gives advice to different teachers it's a big social media think she's she's been who she's like the mark caller oh. A teacher well you know this lady is brilliant she's brilliant because this is that a problem and no one's address this problem. This is when it comes to racing these the chalk board or the dry erase board whatever it is you teachers you need to do it. Vertically not horizontally. Female teachers because it causes your marriage to Sean. My god can do not know this slowly kids are and that is so disrespectful. Is this sort of like all the kids are in line right now is really not a real story though it's a real story that may Lincoln had done a different time let me -- child but yeah. I instantly get your camera and they give up that shot I think you would agree with the still want to see this demonstration okay. Way howled at the ready made it says this don't do it vertically or don't do it or is finally do it vertically would you drive when you're using the now what's this Jamie if you do that vertically look how your body stay stale. Or you're not easing any of the students rise easing but when you. Just when you do it horizontally watch. What appears to get this right. That Shakira what Jessup. That's what you're do realize you're your your butt shaking so much. That season tickets it's not teasing it's a teasing it wallets it's their notice teasing. And let me I guess to get there over pronouncing like you are then it's kind of funny when I was in six ground gut board should I laid down and make a sandwich ms. Gordon used to race support and and in all of us guys would watcher jiggle. And we would sit there and I'm telling you right now she could've stopped it was almost like it was intentional it really Boston. It felt that way removed but I have to say and this is a great tip teachers to appear on your way to school. The board like this up in that up don't do the skill and you know what I. I workers on the right choice yeah. I'm with you. And that is being days teaching tip of the day. It's time yeah. That can't I'm. Automatic get uncomfortable at this stuff because my son's teacher and then it allows the teachers say they listen and a feeling that was really current degrading. Everything. Maybe. Yeah yeah. Hold. Great. Degrading job and gang I'm glad I get that line that day Mona you've got to be so obesity. Hi Jessica. The reason this lady put this on FaceBook guys OK Brian it's a teacher is a man well the reason why it went viral is because it's so ridiculous. But he did they even use blackboard Steelers all drudgery well it doesn't matter my guess my son's school as a 3-D printer. Are you out my kids that. Like projectile which he worked on tabletop and it projected onto the wall weighed different the 3-D printer Shia. Way to. When it was AM and we've similar apology you know there is what's got viral as 'cause it's so ridiculous to say that and so did greeting and so yeah. His life so let me get this straight this woman somebody said this so let me industry am writing a lesson on them and the board. And then when I wipe it off all this and I've become Shakira. Pretty much from this phenomenon that I'm sorry she's hidden and I should she get Obama going crazy. And a slightly. Any boots entered the class who just all Matthew gave them we give each other like boom and his board I would say one funny that Mandela. Ultimately in a play after nice and it's a place but the other sons and daughters. No it's because it's not like in an idol winner in the room. Sometimes like monument to know me at school who is what keeps it in Memphis as. Said so I games anyways hidden but not like I said is anybody. Merely a stupid to have peace or if you wanna become a hot hot hot hot. He read dad passed an old king. Here I love this story so much on January oh my god should listen I'll take over from here this is a great story. What could conduct people telling you great story acted only stick my gentle on the sixth grade teacher on this board drew was not sits in the back. She was hot and no but the good story I actually. There's a guy. On a slightly as usual three year old daughter right and she knows that Italian and she's really bummed because they're not gonna get home in time to trick or treat. Because by the time they land up this flight and beat it to be late. So what does he do god best dad ever I don't know any man or is this sensitive to a child's leg and and need to. It's just amazing. Happiness. You know your kids' teachers names of. Still though with the but I remember Ben Gordon is sixth grade she would raise a boarding jiggle. I loved. Anyway the great dad what he did him as. When he went down I am he passed everybody some candy Canner hiding it from his three year old. And to listen my little girl wants to retreat she's dressed as a little princess three years old how cute. And so we gave everybody candy only down. And then they made a little announcement and out. And they said Wendell what was literally. You know you ruby or something rude little ruby ruby. I don't know if and execute ruby inning or else go win it still very pop Naomi. Yeah ruby apple. Well I think it's the road we just code groovy. Rubin the prince's. Very lazy is suing them and chief executive. Branch or. She could you. Each inch weekday mornings on Alex I.