Toy Drive 10/17

Monday, October 17th

Toy Drive this weekend at Max Auto

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Vijay and Jamie you know some people some people do is down right awful just awful terrible. You whenever I'm. No no no no this thing you know I can have my bad days I don't agree with the but then some people taking it to a whole new low what now. Somebody broke into the Easter seals Colorado discovery club. Get warehouse thing that you have I ever get when people steal front. Guy he is some racially plague him. And that's what I said some people go to an all time low. Oh don't get discussed in league low SA Lisa somebody brought into the Easter seals Colorado discovery club a little low warehousing them. And stole all the toys for the kids for Christmas is like a horrendous Christmas horrible Christmas movie and it just happened. Is gonna turn and finish well this site to this really do toy drive well what. Might me. Well you can come if you want you more than welcome when cubs we're we're gonna be over there was three Indian massacre next motto. I'm not. Sure what does have myself like it was like fake like you don't want to ever. With each of the that was. Void of where you don't really want me there how you can become a few more right to win visit this is like yeah Saturday is when those Christmas movies like. Where the kids they they steal all the kids toys you know and then some guy shows up at a car dealership and then gets all the new toys for the kids well we. Heard about it and then you know I got a phone call from most 'cause over maximum 10 yeah and they said hey what do you think it would put it together toy drive to help out the situation. And I say probably there. Tinge already deployed in so Saturday starting at 9 o'clock in the morning. I'll be there for a couple of hours from nine to eleven maximum motto is on Broadway just south of Bellevue two cars for sale linked. This is not kept bringing it toy they get a discount on Jamie's car and that. They got to make an offer. That there. Can't do anyone else for an incitement so yeah bring joy get a discount on Jamie's car right but the bring it toying get a discount on Jamie whites callers. Seeding over and that's a motto okay breaks but yet the toys were stolen. Some low life broke in and stole Torre's strength we need about a 150. To voice. And this Saturday in what we thought we'd do is now do it instead of waiting to win everybody else is doing a toy drive. The cynics and yet does because after I get overextended yeah gets buried very crowded then as far as you know the the charities out there. Well also know that they have on his semi cleared out the warehouse and all the toys for the kids and and so I agree with you. And it's so hectic at that time of the year because we know Cabrera did the giving tree would you be right so this is just perfect it's easy and even just ran over there again is from wind. Nine to 11 PM Saturday. This Saturday to Saturday nine to eleven will be a maximum motto on Broadway just south of Bellevue bringing a toy. Did this government cars cheaper books. Jane Jane Seymour.