Toy Hall of Fame. 11/11

Friday, November 11th

National Toy Hall of fame list is out.  Each year they add toys and this year they added Dungeons and Dragons and The Fisher Price Little People. There were a lot of finalist but only 2 chosen.


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Vijay and Jamie view over the air you've got to national toy hall famous list would I didn't know they had the national toy Alipay and you didn't. Yeah it's up the only load like for 45 years it's not been around long I didn't know I had lend a cell they jest. Let's see national to Alabama announces its inductees. It's inductees and every year lease it to toys from the past. And they go into the hall thank you right so it's this year it's dungeons and dragons and Fisher Price people. And I. This year it's dungeons and dragons and Fisher Price of about concentration. And made it and I'm sitting there like that. To this lady did I'd never heard about these others Iran unless they didn't make it they were finalists. Threatened. Koran. Son of god guns they were a finalist and I actually I do the story right but that I talked wrap. Yes so leads up more than vision breathless with which it was interesting and LE TS that was weird is that. And that little people aware recalled to do did choking hazards you know they were you should get. Actually put something in there that was that we called for joking little kids will eat yeah but he would you ever been there him via. To them to go out I don't know much I have. Yes you have where is it. It's in Saginaw Michigan it's it's I think Barr remember correctly. Some even bother to Al famous by the second but here's what I do remember being in Saginaw Michigan on Mattel the toy hall of fame. Could have been Peoria Illinois. That's out there. Or it could be in Manhattan that's exactly right us I was in Manhattan New York I'll never forget and had to follow in Rochester New York you know what yeah I don't I. There. It wasn't in Manhattan it's in Rochester where you just set me. I did that I'm just I don't know that I thought it was all the same thing about Manhattan squarely in man I remember his actions are the big man. Is this big Al I apologize I just reading them well actually registered this big but as this many people community of Manhattan is this thing has this made people. Here but from my visitation to the toy hall of fame here's what I do remember they have a L one room. It's called the choking room. I'm like I. Every call I mean plus all the way for at least put in that Bryant but there's so that's I'm sure that's where the Fisher Price little people are gonna go and joke in the show. This is not fun. Now there are toys along the way it'd cost probably yes and that's why I said do you think they should be in the hall of fame. Because they added arms legs in 1990s they added arms and legs of the little people. And I guess they started token people and so remember the little I love the little yeah I had AM merry go round that their little. Would back spending and in the end the merry go round I'd spend it on his office. The affluent and very cool now I don't know anything about dungeons and dragons stuff. That's a great game what was that happen it was an interactive game and emerging gamer you create characters eagle on battles and quests. It was a role playing games. It was in books in the Andrew Denton olives in books it was role playing O I could see you liking the you're way down to Texas Mikey is that they have different versions we can't play in the car because you need to have a yes well now is different. I now they do have different versions like Harry Potter versions and dragons and they have I can really otters doing a Doctor Who quest right now dungeons and so. I know I forgot to mention I'm so sorry to Zurich three inductees it was little people and dungeons and dragons is is to the toy hall of fame and that's. Swings got the we just a regular swing and the sex swing just a great. Thanks again to Saleh Al famed gunslinger Ers and don't just swings said slings a part of ancient Cray crave. Cave drawings in Europe swings were also used by French nobility in the seventeen hundreds swings made it and yet they that's a toy that. We have to get one you know I guess so. He so the other toys that were on the finalists lists which. Simply should of got me ahead. I details yet but care bears. Out that your spiritual did it more today wasn't one of the care bears game. Is that why he's not end this so what you're saying no I just remember that all of this and there was this big rumor when I love the care bears it. If you got this one care bear then then the U you'd like the other girls who's called to care more care. Care more bad. The gate there that care more bare hands threatening cared more all we care more than that I don't yellow and or was got to tell tell Adobe I don't know if there was some yellow and the shot would there for the NCAA can't add that I. I don't have anything I am willing to read maybe the rainbow banner I. But showing showing a sharp. I don't know I'm just terrible virtually speaking with. I know they did say that dia eighteen between Pete will one of the teletype is believed was booed duty when the LA LA. I'm not Poe many with Apollo when you sing that song again. DP we eat it C. Dot dot Pablo. I think it was Pau I watched a lot of talent. That was a trick like she needs fugitive turning bearish herself and it didn't work. Yet the opt out. Yeah. I did a two. Inch weekday mornings on Alex I.