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Wednesday, May 16th


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Vijay and Jamie Toys 'R' Us are having their bake sale I think everything gets marked out. Either today or into the weekend at 40%. Off. 44. Is more on the hearing I'm hearing the eighteen where what why why forty. I'm not sure I'll I know in the past I will say this. That I've heard. Dad they. Advertised deals and discounts when you go to the store the other doesn't guarantee really disagreement disappoint. Because you got to figure if they're going out of business together liquidate everything right right non not necessarily. Because he could sell to somebody else who's who reach Celek retinal silent yet I guess so so Toys 'R' Us has announced though they announced this yesterday. They will sell. Geoffrey the giraffe the mask. That was good buy them what you mean the cell and they're gonna sell the image to train and trademark of Jeffrey the direct. Impacts of soaps and that's supposed to have he's a halt the auction block. And here's a news report. Yet Connick store chain Toys 'R' Us will sell or close all of its US stores in the coming months. In a move that could affect up to 33000. Jobs and more than 700 US locations. The seventy year old chain and what of America's most recognized retailers. File for bankruptcy six months ago after struggling to keep up with its online competition. And handle and massive amount of debt. Am is not. So hot and it. And that's who kills you so does she say what they're definitely when you get within that trademark. They don't they don't go into and they just say Geoffrey the giraffe is they're saying he's on the auction block so if you wanna use this is your mascot. I don't think it's gonna work though I wish to get travel. Jeffrey for Alice desperate for the people we need of BG GB a mask I think Debbie fans to get I take. I got a also toys euros or putting up for sale some of their domain names these are domains that they captured years and years ago. To keep other people from infringing on their trademark that's okay I'm up for sale is I hate Toys 'R' Us dot com. Janet. Toys 'R' Us Sox dot com they've got auto holding wow. Key key Toys 'R' Us who dot com. So those just messed you they just bottom up just to keep them dormant to keep everybody away from their franchise so that you know nobody would be not confused my advisor Jamie White Sox got not a native land I sit and it. I don't Toys 'R' Us dot com our own sex toys for a sale. I think I'll do white America that that's one of the woods that I wouldn't think that would sell because if there is dole Toys 'R' Us did Toys 'R' Us sucks dot com. I know did you get nice platform for everybody to share their memories of the other favorite times it was nice yeah because people everybody had them all memory. A Toys 'R' Us and sell it beast like a sad little memorial for Toys 'R' Us yeah that's. Are out on the way you think if if you take it new uses death for the chaos that Roy's arrest but might have caused this. Everybody had that moment where they brand. It was great day I need to see these things go to continue right really numbers cyclist snare. Yeah if it. Out I feel I know yet if it. I don't know he's. So easily hit because everything's getting delivered to your door now and it's killing people like toys era with Ed during all the way saint. Lewis two and a half hours to go to to address because that was the big story you don't. And I wrote that little bike of those training them 15 PM sun hadn't quite basket with three flat. Rode it around or whatever else let me Toys 'R' Us you can go into the restores you could play with. All the boy you could play all you really do my dad had to put it on payment plan you know. I remember him did you name every month you'll lay away if toys really play a labor strike in the let's step up to. And we see more on Alex I.