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Wednesday, April 25th


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Vijay and Jamie an amazing story yesterday Jimmy aren't just talk about her off the year where this guy. He was gonna kill himself suicide jump from a bridge. And all these truck drivers pulled their semi tractor trailers under leaves the overpass so we could inch up. Lately jump down on a semi I mean literally give that you've ever seen up close the cleared is I mean you know it's. You insist that he wouldn't just like of ram and a black and flipped. Mean at the most to feed it right yet to be up there thinking. All that the. Keep going out there hasn't. Trying to figure out how that organized this was it Michigan. The sequel. They think that on this CB. They don't have CDs for our. I've ever seen on CDs at all cellphones now they're all and see somebody else of all yeah that's good. Yeah yeah I know a truck driver into loaves of Sunni community that I never see CBOT. So picture that she got an overpass on a freeway in this is it Michigan. And the police say we've got a jumper we need truck drivers for your trucks or trucks under the bridge and let's stop this and they do it. And slow the trucks lined up they knew people look at it you know heroes in this play. Which you guys in their pictures of guys that society if he's gonna take its own money from them. This morning about 1 o'clock Michigan state police is listed in all but thirteen truckers complete strangers and and wondered why this book that they. Why that little group has put this job. One trucker involved taking these pictures and posting them on FaceBook showing their rigs parked under the overpass to the man threatening suicide jumper slipped. He wouldn't hit the ground. What it never thought that that was so Smart I thought about police force added trucks under the bridge I never thought that that was so Smart so they. Actually for some isn't yesterday at such a dummy that I would have called and said hey we needed giant net. I would hit trampling witty trip to pick it would get somebody stop Biden by Tripoli we did Tripoli but somebody said hey. Will stop this will just put the trucks underneath the overpass so what happened to the guy he's trying these delayed it enough that they talk he'd now. Wow that's yeah and yes he's being evaluated by now. But but yeah it worked. We have to give credit to keep the thing I got a good look at traffic we have going on on the freeway all just completely stop gap right but. I wonder of the truck drivers once they got the position and they realized he'd stop this a what are they taunted. Good job now everybody now it's got preakness. Pretty evident that got to get hurt that up nobody talked about Joseph Biden dropped they felt bad form that has mental illness normally. And it onto the beaches the I talked. It's not a cartoon Israel I'd just say look everybody. Help find the answer is no they did not attend what a brilliant move. For Creighton to. Many demands for each inch anymore.