US Army ready for alien invasion, Reagan on Aliens, ancient pharaohs aliens, new doomsday date

Monday, May 16th


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Vijay and Jamie hi I'm Richard Murphy and it's another edition of conspiracy. Corner you may or may not know that they are doing a sequel to Independence Day the movie about. The alien an invasion. Of the world. Apparently Independence Day resurgence June 24 has an element of truth to. Because the US army. Is now recruiting for earth. Space defense. So does that mean that they are preparing for possible alien invasion. And he knows for some of you may not really have the cognitive ability to be able to. Watch television. When Ronald Reagan was president but he did make this statement which I thought was rather interesting in May be telling of what was coming to. Our future. I couldn't help but one point in my discussions with privately with the general secretary Gorbachev. When you stop to think we're all God's children wherever we may live in the world. I couldn't help but say to just think how easy his task in mind might be in these meetings that we have it. If suddenly there was a threat to this world. From some other species. From another planet. Outside in the universe. We'd forget all of the local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out once unfurled that we revealed. All human beings here on this earth together. Well. I don't suppose we could wait for some alien race to come down and threaten us. And I think that between this weekend bring about. That realization was. Former president Ronald Reagan foreshadowing something coming to the future lord knows we've had numerous movies about that very topic some content. But apparently in new miss the Germans did more exploring of Canada's than Canadians did because the Canadians just stumbled across a German weather station. That was at hon peninsula. And Labrador Newfoundland. Which was set back in October 1943. Set up to analyze the weather on the Atlantic coast. Canadians just came across that not too long ability to find that story on the floor it's news. Look for this secret Nazi German weather station in Canada. Discovered 38 years after it was built. And they get the photos prove it. Now do I see some crazy ass flicks cod on closed circuit television. Some real some maybe not I don't know those uninteresting. Head over to YouTube and search this five tell partitions caught on tape and cctv cameras real cases question my. Hard to say. Finally you may or may not believe this alien and ancient Egypt. Pharaohs were actually extraterrestrials. And he could be proven in the hieroglyphics. Now if you ever saw stargate. I'm just gonna say how low did possibility. Especially when you think about how they've tried to recreate building the pyramids and yet they seem to always fall short in a lot of different ways. But yet if you were using alien technology to be able to artificially list those large blocks of put him into place with my crew. Precision. Well now that's a little more believable. Than just a bunch of slaves. Using sand and logs to Roma. Really good view freon that when you met Montel it taken out medallion found in ancient. Egyptian tomb proves. There are rules work extra terrestrial us. And in the ever floating timeline of do you need. Seems like daily said in Dayton just before that date arrives and looks like nothing's gonna happen they set a new data in the future so this new date. Do you marked down on your calendar. 32 days until judgment. Mark it down June 17 Tony sixty. What's gonna happen. I'm sure some sort of judgment whether it's local national. State. Global hard to say. But June 17 mark that down as you need buckle up day. You know it's crazy uses that. There's so many trolls putting disinformation out there. That it is so difficult for the layman. Myself included to look at this and go putt. Because eventually cry wolf so many times and then eventually it's too geared basically you're setting yourself up for doom because in when the wolf actually comes people think death. And it's it just did another apocalyptic day it'll never happen. Intelligence seventeen Tony sixteen folks blow us world news on conspiracy Carner I'm Richard Murphy regardless of whether or not do stage. Dade towns are not remember. Always have you bug out bag with a and more on Alex. I.