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Tuesday, March 1st


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Vijay and Jamie hey its Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner. On YouTube on the Corbett report easy Canadian living in Japan talking conspiracies. A very interesting. UT about called meet the bogus technology the government would use to free him and which he stated here the five gadgets that the government could use to incriminate you bust you and the first one right at the box just need to go wow so they have what's called the visual microphone. Passer for recovery of Sam. So what they did in this for this technology they can use a camera. And actually. Videotaped the surroundings. And then just the vibrations. Of the sound waves hitting a certain item they can actually. Read what the sound in the rudeness and they're tested it is pretty amazing what they did is they played Mary had a little lamb and the videotape to plant. And the vibrations of the sound waves hitting the plant. They were actually able to recreate. This song that they had just played it let me give you a little sample. Potted plant chew on the right. The video was recorded while in nearby loudspeaker ticket next Mary had a little lamb. When. Even when we played video in slow motion here. And vibrations caused by the music are so subtle but they moved the plant's leaves I'd less than a hundred a picks. Making the plant appears still to the naked guy. By combining in filtering all the tiny motion happening across the image that you see Mary Lou recovered this sounds. So now think about this for those if you didn't have security cameras inside your house even if you don't have. A microphone attached they did actually go capture that video. Read them my new movements of power plant in the room more the drapes hanging off the wall and be able to figure out. What was said or what sounds were happening in that room. Wow the US State Department issued the final batch of Hillary Clinton emails on Monday. The final tally of emails that contain classified information is now more than 2000. Not just a couple 2000. Contain classified information what are the chances do you think charges will be levied against Hillary Clinton for her. Misuse of your server. Don't hold your breath you'll pass out before they figure that out forecaster magazine and it came up with a interesting story how and why specific investigative tools don't work number one the FBI can't tell the difference between human and dog there. And CSI the also the crime lab can't tell the difference between. You re a nitrate in Europe and lie detectors cannot detect a lie. Can only detect changes in perspiration and heart rate. Which is stand interpreted. Our lines. Fingerprints are subjective in unreliable. Think that's by the entity and it wasn't Dave Hodges the common sense show has its very interesting article about the council of foreign relations. And its cousin the Trilateral Commission. Both of which subtly hasn't endorsed Hillary Clinton and have a Dell for Donald Trump. So the most recent membership list of the council of foreign relations and see a fire. You do the serendipity page there currently. Almost 4500. Members. Bill Clinton George Herbert Walker Bush Dick Cheney. John Kerry Henry Kissinger all members of the CF far. So almost 4500 members there now the Trilateral Commission only has 325. Members David Rockefeller was even quoted as saying some even. Yeah yeah part of the secret to ball working against the best interest of the United States. Characterizing my family and me as internationalists. And conspiring with others around the world to build. A more integrated global political economic structure one world if you will. If that's the charge I stand guilty and im proud of David Rockefeller definitely that was done there. Is a who's who's have also. Who's in the builders. See a fire was founded by John Rockefeller. And for a long time worked very hard at obscuring their existence in the media label of conspiracy theory scheme because Rockefeller's would call anybody. The conspiracy theorist if they were trying to expose the CFR for who they work. To what his term fit into this will right now. People are saying that it is the Republican nomination for him to loose and that statement team from the C afar but there's more pollsters asked. Voters to choose in faceoff between mr. trump and Hillary Clinton. The democratic front runner wins by less than three percentage points. Mr. trump would have plenty of time to close the gap. That is an appalling prospect. The things mr. trump has said in his campaign make him unworthy of leaving one of the world's. Great political parties let alone America he has prospered by inciting hatred violence he's unpredictable. And the thought of than anywhere near high office is terrifying. He must be stopped. That from the C a farce the economist. Dave Hodges goes on to make that comparison that this statement. This very reminiscent to do what happened to Bobby Kennedy. Out very interesting grade they've heard about the lunar probe dynasty. That's China's. Latest probe that's been orbiting around the moon for the past year apparently doing very well China's space program is going so well on them and they're actually planning on reminding. On the net whenever I start mining helium three. Highly sought after as a fusion fuel do you find more on this story. Aunt Mary Greeley news. Leap day it was a magical day in Scotland as a meteorite captured on a number of dash cams illuminating the night's guide to make it look like date. Maybe heard about asteroid TX 68 a NASA's now unsure about. Whether or not it'll hit the earth or not. Now NASA is saying that that does not pose an imminent threat to earth when it flies by. On March the feet so Tuesday march the eighth when it comes back around the horn in 2017. A remote chance. It might hit the earth. You can find out more about this just go to YouTube and put in NASA's now unsure about asteroid TX 68 hitting earth to tune in at sixty. Maybe in September 2017. When he team all right that's pretty full played on the conspiracy theory both saline. I'm Richard Murphy remember always have you bug out bag with. In. Alex I.