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Thursday, May 26th


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CJ and Jamey Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner. Get ready for the Memorial Day weekend. I have to say when the F power when not in our building I thought. It's on the M peoples has come. To thankfully no. That's what it's all about being prepared so that when. Things happen you raid Iraq. Because if you're in panic mode. You're useless to everybody else around him. So this an activist post dot com anonymous has hit the New York Stock Exchange world banks the Fed and the Vatican. And now a total mainstream media blackout on the story to as a question on whether or not stuff like this is true or not. But they have a screen shot. The World Bank dot org. And all the countries that where affected. And New York Stock Exchange. Release this message they experience a technical issue and one of their trading units which affect a subset of symbols are listed on the market status. Trading resumed to normal that no 1:17 PM eastern standard time. All systems are now operating normally this happened back on May the eighteenth. So just this past Wednesday. On the geology front right now there are currently forty volcanoes erupting across the planet at the same time which obviously has. A lot of people concerned. Especially on those. Volcanoes that are over along the Pacific coast mount saint helens has been burping a little bit. Recently more than 230 quakes we're rumbling underneath mounts in balance organs Mount Hood has been seeing about forty quakes. Reports have said that if Mount Rainier in the Seattle area. Pops it would be catastrophic. And then you have the volcano sent in the Aleutian Islands Cleveland volcano. And the surrounding when's all having little indigestion. And just bring some other volcano news to the story Yellowstone. Has hit with the a five point one magnitude earthquake. Only a mile from the cold there of its massive active super volcano. Most experts believe that it gels and actually pops. Not only will you have the massive amount. Volcanic activity that happens but then add into the fact that you have Yellowstone lake which will dump all that water content that. Magna which is gonna cost us dean explosion especially when you have all those venting tubes. There where this team releases itself. So I'd geologists are always quick to say that that could be an ELE event she did Yellowstone pot. That's 51 magnitude earthquake captains on. May the nineteenth. I was last Thursday. At 6:36. PM central standard time. And lasted for about two minutes park Rangers reported high velocity teams of smoke coming in the general area of the cult there of the super volcano. How much talked about that on the national news though right is it on out fear and panic gripped the nation understandable. On the planet X news front there's a story on the for its news is this planet X and here is location disclosures linked to September 23. When he seventy. So are we moving the date again for when we're supposed to be seeing this this is one story where. I believe that planet X exists. And I'm not sure if everybody's just got their math wrong or there are trolls out there just trying to put all this this information now. Do I kind of missed direct the population. But it is it's almost laughable and I think that's the part that makes it to that kind of raises the skeptical flags for a lot of people. And the reason I say that is because on the story right below the one about 2017. There is another latest planet X to be rue and it's means the red and blue teaching is visible now in Australia. And then video showing what they believe this planet acts upon their website. Plus also way two hour discussion. From the press Ozzie UT channel shares their latest compelling video footage and photographs of planet X. Now the blue red to Tina's. The hopi Indians talked about that saw when we start all seen that as a as a global. I believe that'll be a large. Warning sign for us now how visible will they be. I have no idea. I'm Richard Murphy and that's conspiracy corner remember this Memorial Day weekend is here with family and friends barbecuing hanging out the unofficial start to summer. Take some time he probably have family or friends that have served in the military maybe you know somebody that lost their life. Protecting the freedoms that we enjoy here in the United States to take a moment of your time to remember the sacrifice. The dose of given for our country whether they served out of the service and are with you now. Whether they who served in where injured some gravely or those that gave their life protecting this country. Each one of them deserves a tip of the hat and recognition. Of their sacrifice. I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner. Always everybody out back with. And more on Alex. I.