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Thursday, March 22nd

Jamie is having her Jeep redone by the guys at Lifted Life and you can vote on what they do to it.  You can vote on the parts they use on her Jeep at Alice1059.


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Vijay and Jean who think what's on the G-8. All right. And Augusta I've hasn't OK so they are they're gonna Mac this thing I'll write anything from here's here's what I know is Asia. Yes. We. Voting yes were voting we are we do vote. Are sure that. What is and I know I have got very luckily you're in charge. Or a spot on that's about this other than. There will be voting and it's on the lips will exact. Alice 159. Dot com and I just let you know because I said my vote. Evening here lol what's the voting category showed that. Where others looks like a couple different categories. I think about opera goers. Bumpers and door I guess they probably actually lives tomorrow. Did offer dollar shots seats fenders bumpers doors oxy code standards spent and. Sell and live life is the TV show and the five are tracking guys here in Colorado they have taken my Jeep and there you know just re modeling Bergman every they're gonna redo other just you know Mac canal that's an outrage and so I'm what we've got enough I haven't. But what they did then is they put these different options on Alice and a 59 dot com and he just go to bed the web page and there's different options and you can vote for the different things to them on the doubt. From what I understand you to be on the TV show yes this deal to happen. That it's the listeners votes that get to that and get a Jeep gut yet but a real funny angered that you are voting yesterday. Yeah yeah I think yes for a couple version. Yeah that's funny. But but so you can vote he can go on you pick out just. Accessories you are right exactly. Elected door. Where you vote for the door I don't know which ones like banner that looked really guys. For the votes there and they're just afraid people are gonna vote online. And I mean yeah. I'm feeling there that you know feeling their mean to me that much as like for example yesterday. To boating paint to yes I think I think yeah I just jumped the Jeep hired somebody tell me that you're in the offices. Right up what I wanted to with when you get it back I'd like protect kind of look like a Barbie Jeep and aloof. The Barbie computer Barbie Jeep and yes it meant to pit ironic it's like that I don't write to him. I just feel like I'm going to be very butch Ian. Not to me on its ability which he. Edges and round. How easy it all the time though it up but she was she easy to use you and women. In four wheeled vehicles. All the. Apple and just buy it out I mean it's gonna be my age. I don't. I don't know what art program starter Adam and I game at just the fact that I just don't want to be too much of nine car for me go vote like I have to get a ladder to get in it. Could give it the eyes five aren't they blob lifted lifted trucks were after a car. That are. Yeah I well I don't know maybe they'll build a latter down the side of the G yeah but they don't it's and so makes it easier for you. I don't know how could turn out but it's going to be nice and there haven't seen it came out the seat would come out marina. And sit out level lots and this season. Yeah man. And then goes Redmond right now that a great. Tonight I'm sure the guy that if they don't have it if it's not on the market should the five our guys couldn't build any other thing I'm scared I'm just to be honest with you. So these guys also are audio guys like that like music I love music. Against that opponent huge blow for the back right. Americans have any room to cut my gear tactical gear no no no no I voted on a huge super speaker on their own the rules of the other vehicle yeah. Digital or. I don't know if I'm ever gonna use a subwoofer and the Jeep you know like. Boom boom boom boom I think what you got that you use it you do yeah yeah all the gas. Ace thing I think well all the bells and whistles and stuff you know I don't know where you gonna use sand wedge left. It is a way I don't know where you really mad at the time our guys did tell me that almost all the people into wedges on their jeeps have never used to I agree and never thought I agree I would I would guess 99%. Of all winter is out there. Are you never use them. And tonight and that company that's doing all this new Jeep is not charging yeah. But I know it doesn't really work that way anymore is gonna work. They used to work ally and learning more memories and argue about good Alice to Bob Knight dot com each inch anymore.