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Thursday, March 3rd


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Vijay and Jamie it's Richard Murphy from conspiracy corner and just wanted to let she knows. This is your heads out to be alert and aware march 6 seventh eighth. And let's say ninth couple reasons why first off there's a report out that there's going to be a bank holiday in Saudi Arabia on March the sixth now if you watch the X-Files whenever they talked about the fact that there was going to be a bank holiday and then that would allow martial law to be rolled in. And off we go and it's not just the X-Files I mean this has been any theory and game. Week to execute martial law floating around the interwebs. At least a couple of years that I can remember. Then you have the YouTube website DS PHK. Who have put out a warning that says that his sources are saying be careful around march 7. He states our friends our ears our eyes animals are sources. Everyone and everything keeps mentioning this date marks the seventh. To be extra careful on that day tried to avoid crowded areas public transportation tourist area sports events etc. these are these common sense d.s sake. Of affords a news historian it's entitled Angel says that you pass by earth communications and electrical grids will implode. The great sorting of the darkness and light in the next month. Much turmoil march will be incredibly volatile. Also happening in March you have a lot of military exercises that are happening not only in the Pacific over by Japan and China that's not the only place that military exercises are happening 350000. Soldiers 20000 tanks. 2450. Warplanes born in sixty helicopters are all in northern Saudi Arabia massing to do war game called north thunder just in case they need to go into Syria to take on Russia slash I aces slash. Whoever they want to takeover. Remember back in the gulf war before storming Norman Schwarzkopf made their invasion into Iraq and Kuwait then take a lot of time to go and get all that infrastructure all that military equipment. Everything in place. To make that big push don't forget the Bible especially revelation has a lot of material about that area being. Iraq Iran and Syria Israel all around that area is where. The final battle is supposed to happen even Cesar warned us and they said as being stabbed multiple times in the senate in Rome. Beware the ides of march and he was even given that prophetic statement. Disregarded. Subtly march is going to be a big one to the close side and march 6 seventh eighth and ninth. And keep fingers crossed and just be ready you'll have media have to step to lead on everybody else to be able to. Do we need to be a member of Michael Hastings he's too great for The Rolling Stones and died in a freakish car wreck in California. Well apparently a big oil CEO. Was killed within 24 hours of being. Federally indicted. So why do you think he was killed. He committed suicide or was he whacked. Because the fact things he mean a whole bunch of information. About the corruption in the oil industry. And the powers that be didn't want that to get out zero hedge website has a very interesting story about that. And the death of Aubrey McClendon. Was this CEO of that oil company. The thing that's crazy is the same winning Hastings dives. Clinton died. High rate of speed in his when he thirteen Chevy Tahoe it's a bridge in but in Hastings in a large tree. The car immediately engulfed in fire to fire crews some time to extract to and from the badly twisted and burned wreckage. And he was the only person in the vehicle. The weather was fine. There is a crazy story out there breaking in term president of the republic the United States of America is general Joseph Dunn for. Says galactic federation of light representative. Sheldon middle. So basically the story says that the 2016 elections are complete fraud not gonna happen. And everything is gonna switch over to this Republican the United States of America. So apparently with the help of the extraterrestrials. Social Security recipients to get 2500 dollars a month. All income taxes collected will be refunded. All personal pension fund recipients who received 25 million dollars and stressed financially that's supposed to be helping us one this all happened so if you go to new dimension 2012. Dot Blogspot dot com. And put in beyond abundance notes from Shelton you'll be able to see when. The extra tourists ills are promising us. Including anti gravity cars that teleport replicate there's body adjusting beds multimedia holidays. Being ships while. There we go I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy garner remember always have your bug out bag with you is. I.