william shatner interview 6-11-18.mp3

Monday, June 11th

Sean Swallow has a one on one interview exclusive with William Shatner!

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CJ and Jamie good morning mr. Shatner or you I am wonderful how are you today. Oh well thank you and I it's an honor to have you on the phone with me this morning. I'm pleased to be here and to do that. And coming through your town very shortly. I know I'm very excited to be here on June 21 at the Paramount theatre. I am I know this is silly question I'm sure you've been to Denver alive how. A lot he liked emirates which is David plays and come and it. It is either there's going through his he. All the time. I've played Denver and many times. Is that my kids went to two but three dollars went to the university Colorado. I'm in unconnected. Yeah that's awesome you have a personal connection here that's great. Well I'm really excited about you being in town just kind of wondered what we can be looking forward to when years here on the Tony first. Well we play the film. The rough because. And then I come out. Much of the shock of everybody should the 35 years later. Stumble out and don't. And then we have a good time for an hour more. Talked about what we're talking about stroke or talk about trump work but it's. Whatever comes up Ratzinger. You do take a question and answer. Portion of the show all right. I those prearranged questions are you just take them on the fly. Well they're written out. As is that gentleman oral person whoever is that they onstage. Redundant question. I have is so it's directly from building is that we don't have a microphone. Okay and you deli you know gaining just completely oddball. Strange questions that you weren't ready for all the the more humble the better X let anything you like to share is made an honest question you had. So what color what what what what kind of underwear. Could cook up. Couple what that is something everybody wants to know. Yeah I mean that's really general mullet. Luck and thought okay and that one other question for you I know I did some research TC recently signed another recording deal. In May in Nashville. Actually to have them have. A country music album coming out in the middle of the summer possibly. And then in October. The see Chris themselves well. And then of course there's a book. Coming out in between looks too good you are busy man yeah and then sort touring with this. So. Oh all of that and more. I feel like we can be we could CEO William shed their country tour in the future. I've been touring. The last many years actually. In various things. So yes is that it. Country music tour in the future how caught up now would be amazing well. Mister Jenner I think he's so much for taking your time to speak with us this morning. Or is just being there and I hope you'll be there I will all have a really great time I. Evenings indicate. I'm looking forward to a great time and we get to see one of the classic films to wrath of Khan which is always. Always entertaining doesn't disappoint. I'm also I really enjoyed your life tweets from the Tony Awards last night. Does it really it was. I was. Remember it. You're very busy and I am very entertaining. Thank you thank you for that I I really enjoy following your Twitter I want to let everybody know they can follow you add William Shatner on Twitter if you don't already. Well what rocker you wonder if you're not already. And join the same clubs are it'll be. FF that's the sewer. Okay Syria have a wonderful day thinking so much again it was an honor. And importance on Alex.