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Wednesday, May 16th


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TJ and Jamie allos 10 but not out I was crazy J&J me. Her name is Taylor cheesy Oriole woman. We were just talking about her so I read this story. And that a woman from Colorado right here and come out is that claiming that she came up with a new cherry cola flavor Oreo this. Taylor. Yet. Is that you you need it yeah now saying yeah he's saying this for quite awhile from what we hear that you came up with this in an aria does ran whether. It's. Yeah at Belle Allen started about a year ago they are happy to. Contest them my Oreo creation contents and I admit it which cherry cola Oreo and. Within a week they responded and said. Killing happier bailing out yet we have a little prize Terry oaks and go out in the beginning has. News last year I got the little package of two. Cherry cola Mario's and I'm a little note that said we that your creation. What so dead and delicate they wanna turn into one of a kind creations at you straight from the Oreo vault and so you know at the bottom of course that. At that doesn't mean any pain but they wanna get well card deterrent and then. But it got me thinking you know they were creating the cherry cola or at the someone somewhere I would that I Guillen wanted to test it out. Yeah and. Don't come December. You know they they announced the winners and cherry cola is up there and I start freaking out and running around work like. I think 1000 dollars in Peoria idea and and nothing happened. And I reached out to Oreo multiple ways and they kept giving me the stock answer like. You know Ole L. Judging was based on creativity. And thank you can't look at participated. In and out like I wanna know who want and like I would let it be the winner but really an unknown who the winner is then it hit me white cotton and that's. And it and it died down a little bit and then you know my mom kept it PG like I do. Aren't there on the L target and I like okay yeah it's secret and can't step. I really need to figure that bow out and them or you just would not responding. And I finally got an email from them but they said. With respect here particular labor that mention we do really appreciate the entry however. While certain Oreo leaders did a appear in the door after them I Oreo creation contest concluded we had plans to release that prior to the launch of them I Oreo. You should you do. I don't know. That's not your way out of it it does salad the original letter to use that. Right and. You know come to find out that original little unpack it got that they did cattle corn they sent it to you people and I met in mean that you hear a lot of as well I'll. And gadget that wording just made it sound like New York creation and isn't Mary Jane Lisa. Of the two cookies that were the cherry Coke they never said and like look with the working on this for awhile that what he's already came to mind week it's been part of our test product. Here tried them tried your suggestion now you know on our you know compliments. Didn't see anything like that. When that would have made complete ban but. Even more crazy is that there is the woman who you know she injected with a pop rocks. So her idea was more creative than mine so I get it. That one end and she's a lot of finalist. But. Now orient telling me that they had in their back pocket and my daughter where bit lady can't hum yeah actually you know what he'd do it that it at that. A whole mess and as of now I'm Nat eve you know I had gotten wave bigger than I thought Clinton. Zone across the country Brendan Toronto and why don't like what. Are you talking about it. Yeah you viral what does not say that because it's a national news story that we does guy here and we're lucky that you you heard about the innocent because we're talking about you but you viral sister. And barely an away oh yeah they like art and argued going to pursue the 25000 dollars are you looking at a lawyer are you looking at. Or you just gonna drop that figure OK it is what it is. Yeah you know. I it would still be nice to have found closure and anything term Oreo and on how old. A couple of ain't easy. Stringer and her yeah I'm Bertha peso go to Steinberg springer spring garden. Springer Steinberg I'm not sure which order they are but right is hands down pick I'm serious in my friends okay. And they don't step parts of Harvey Steinberg. And as Jeff springer. And they're together a long term okay and called me and my friend and then give me a family discount. She uses it so much negative images yeah I think the you know what I. I think you should pursue it do to you by the way on the line and what was your first and again. Taylor Taylor I didn't write that right. Taylor is on the line. Taylor is the lady who came up with cherry cola. And submitted it as a flavor it's Oreo Oreo now has that flavor on the shelf. But there's telling her that there waiting at this from him now and we are you were thinking of this. Guys seems kinda weird that you suggested it now it's on the shelf. I think that you should reach out to these lawyers and I think you should send. Latter. The worst case scenario Taylor. Is that. They give me a year's supply Borger. The worse. But you might. Your money in fact so do you have the original letter that's what you really need. Yeah yeah have done and you know and. I need the whole thing to actually be out one point eight you know before they knew it came to interview me. I was just checking to make sure how the Backstreet and every all the documents ready for them and I went to check on that week that I had admitted it. You know danger collection and it would gone should have gone like an hour and I'll like oh might actually bear. This meant. It's pretty it it it appeared back though. But it was they wouldn't play. Mean my first instinct and who knows that record that I'm gonna quickly I get rid of the evidence of. Yeah yeah and I'm like yeah. And it also feels like Ted Taylor yeah you're taking on the Oreo people you know what does it Nabisco or somebody Benedict is you seem. A bit let's call this. The you're dom what the big boys and you feel like he's just there's no way I comply with these guys don't go to Q well because it's Nabisco. Your guys Soria couldn't tell what he did he get a lawyer to send the latter who knows what could happen and I'm sure that would write one up for. Yeah hey Scott the very elite in the future I just want. People could be aware when their injury knee contact like yes there's fine print and do read it and know that they're probably finer print they you don't have the the privilege every. Well I end and it's no it's a known fact a lot of contests are ran to get ideas or whatever people would do debt to generate those ideas so they can use them. Without giving credit where credit really goes it happens all the time. In hand and fortunately how do you. I think you know we're out and beat you couldn't eat Oreo he hates a behavior and a. It I told my fiance out like that a lot better than no more aria yeah that we're gonna have to reevaluate that really. I pass. As humor. All right Taylor well good luck with your quest we let us well until OK. Al LA you know what happened or did you write down those names. Yet okay we heard and and it jab at the current about it. Is even right now are. If you get straight to cut us they were serious risk serious and you get the Jamie gets don't get something you'll get something so Nabisco so it's hard B Steinberg. Thank Harvey. And yes so Jeff springer. Yeah Jeff springer so they have a blast from together. This Lily tells me that I guarantee you try and there's no. I think they're very important c'mon now. Any memory write about it and somebody said this and I agree with them on taxis and you know let the and just give me the money to shed. It absolutely. Because if it's and others start picking up on the story about your beating Jamie's about a foot back. I thought but of other start picking up because I'm telling you Taylor there's a good chance that. That somebody won't reach out to us to get the audio that we're playing or doing right now in order to get in contact with the because we can see your number here. To get in contact you because they're gonna what you on the air show a TV station whatever and before you know at this thing starts spiraling. And Oreo just want to. The goal why because then you're going to be on good morning to ask you get or can't be on the Shia I. A little crazier things then and I'm getting an instant I feel good again if you hear any thing or where you know you talked are geared up please let us now. Add up they could not meant I don't think you deserve the money may do I injury when he Bob Graham and. Banks are. They you know into. More on Alex.