The World Series Bet 11/2

Wednesday, November 2nd

Bj and Jamie bet on game seven of the World Series. The bet is if the cubs win Bj has to suck up to Jamie and agree with everything she says tomorrow. If the Indians Jamie has to agree with everything Bj says and suck up to him.

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BJ and Jamie are the big deal. Are you put got a dead four Afghan veteran you work cubs and I am not really she's for the. They now it's. I was born and raised Illinois their friendly country and move on part Cherokee and which makes me Cleveland Indians I can't break should Smart but will we both. Hard for our team tonight game seven somebody asked when somebody asked to win. The world championship here's the bad where's the game tonight. Cleveland President Clinton ever pick six away I. Here's the bat. If the cubs you quit. No no no no no no. If the cubs which I did you upload their legs. If that cubs win that you know what time can. Then I have to suck up to you. And everything that you say tomorrow I have to agree with. I have to call you a genius IOC you're brilliant you're beautiful I got to just be saying that anyway. Why as a team have to win for you to tell me how amazing I am. We just do the fifth. But he just didn't cut. Now the other side of that is. Cleveland Indians went you have to do the same for me no matter what I say tomorrow. You have to call me the most intelligent person you and other Murrow I. Yes and on the Brooke most brilliant person in the world everything you must agree wit and got to suck up you've got to do that to the entire. Higher show tomorrow and I'd like qwest has to do three. What do you think Sharon you know like this that sounds good but in that way our tomorrow show one of us will just be it sucking it sucking up to the other. You really need the cubs aren't you really I'm the the worst and like it's not so much that I like it is a Gupta made it to have to suck up do you got to is getting killed medical. Will be brilliant. Call me one of the most try to me you've ever change your life but you're so Williamson George Clooney lookalike. You got to say everything that that makes. Like a great sound great the ice again I would rather it like. What do you think. What are you thinking you know advance 5105 and I need to do is a great that you know and we need one of those days where where we actually complement each other with the I'm started. Well I think yeah the end of that. That you did cubs meetings for the Indians and I think this is a great I did not Celtic get the right move. You know I it's just give it legs. If they. India's well you gotta tell me I'm really hurt you no matter what I say okay. Come on dude but the you cancel. It sure looks younger and those angry I could put those hundred. I can't tell tumbled out of a dose of your clothes that look and hunter. Saying we get beyond it. By events that are angry at I think it's really haven't I say nice boobs mountain thanks boobs. But yeah yeah I'll add diced boobs is usually meant when he Ampex three huge. Don't know you got it would taxi got into that tomorrow I know you've got to be super super complementary and you've got to really suck up I think I'll. How hard this is remain. Yeah. Us I know but if I do they feel like this is one of those like in team building craft things. We didn't see. Oh my god how did he wins over fifty GB of the secretary is only good until I policies of the stupidest leagues and she'll have to just be right on the bandwagon. Yeah. I talk like Lisa this is right it's. Similar to what I couldn't tomorrow you're gonna suck up to me because the Indians are gonna win. You really need this for you know each inch weekday mornings on Alex I.