January 19, 2016

A 300-pound bronze statue of a former University of California crew coach was stolen from the university's campus. The life-size statue of crew coach Carrol 'Ky' Ebright was taken from the university's boathouse in Oakland, according to a news release from UC Berkeley police. The statue of the 20th century coach holds an estimated value of $80,000 and was funded by alumni donations. The university decided to immortalize Ebright with a statue after he coached the crew team to three Olympic gold medals and multiple championships between 1924 and 1959. The legendary coach was also inducted into the United States Rowing Hall of fame in 1956. The coach, known as "The Little Admiral" was beloved by the community and police said the bronze statue bearing his likeness holds "significant symbolic and sentimental value."
What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve stolen?
Slacker says that he’s stolen a lot of stuff in his lifetime but that he’s never been caught. He says that someone stole the Sinclair dinosaur statue from the gas station in his neighborhood. Slacker says that Steve has a resume of things that he’s stolen. He said that in the hierarchy of places to steal, the courthouse is probably one of the worst considering there are always cops. Slacker says that it’s incredibly hard to get away with stealing nowadays because cameras are everywhere and often can’t see them.
Steve says that Slacker is a white collar thief, and that he’s a blue collar thief. He said that he got caught when he was a teen so he got charged as a juvenile. He said that whoever did it must have been really determined to steal something 300 pounds. Steve said the classmates that got money stolen from them at prom deserved it. He says that deep down people wish they could get away with stealing. 

-Intern Jorden