GMD: Anonymous Adoption

January 8, 2016

In today’s Great Mate Debate, a couple are expecting a baby and its putting a strain on their relationship.  Melissa and Eric are the couple and they both want to give their baby up for adoption, however Eric wants the baby to be given to a family friend located close to them while Melissa would much prefer the child to be given up anonymously.  According to Eric, his family is friends with a couple who have been trying to have children and cant, and he wants to give their child to that family.

Slacker said he is really torn on this issue because one on hand it would be great to know the child is going to a safe home, but he wasn’t sure how he would deal with the possibility of being so close to that family.

Steve asked Eric, what happens if the child wants to know who the couple is that visits once a year, how would he handle it? And then when the child turns 18, what will happen then when the child wants to know who his or her parents are and finds out.

Intern Scott