Slacker and Steve - OPP: Daughter Wants to do Porn (Audio)

May 24, 2017

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Today’s OPP is from a mother looking for advice:

Yi! My daughter has never really found a real full-time job. She’s worked at fast food joints and such, but never a real 9 to 5 type of job. She came to me and said she had been approached by some men that are in the adult film industry and they were interested in having her in a movie and possibly more. She said she was thinking about doing it. At first I was shocked but the more I thought about it, I think I am going to tell her she has my approval. Go ahead and pick your jaws up off the floor… Here’s why. She’s 19 and dropped out of school. She barely got her GED and doesn’t have any real life experience to get a job any time soon. She has a great figure and it’s an opportunity to make a lot of money. There are a lot of girls out there that have done it and are set for life. Hell some of them are millionaires. This could be her ticket to making it in life. People have told me she’ll get into drugs and destroy herself, but she’s not that kind of girl. Anyways, I’m writing you to see if there are any other reasons I shouldn’t let her do it. What do you guys think?
-Potential Porn Mom


What should she do? Support her daughter’s job opportunity? Or not approve?

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Daughter Wants to do Porn 5/24

Every parent wants to see their child succeed. Our OPP’s daughter thinks she found something she might be good at, and you’ll be surprised to hear her mom’s reaction! Hear her OPP and tell her what you think.