Slacker and Steve - OPP: Porn Addiction (Audio)

August 16, 2017

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Today, our OPP is from Emily and she needs your help! She and her boyfriend have been together for a couple of years. Lately, it seems as though her boyfriend is watching more and more pornographic material. Emily believes that his porn viewing has turned into an addiction and it’s effecting their relationship and their relations. He’s bringing it into the bedroom. He watches porn every time before they do the deed and he frequently wants to have wild experimental relations. Emily is no longer feeling a loving connection towards him when they are in the bedroom. The porn is making her feel second best to him, which has caused an insecurity in her. Emily wants to know if his habits are normal or if he is taking it to an extreme. She also wants to know if this is a deal breaker or to love him through it.


What advice do you have for Emily?

Slacker amd Steve - OPP: Porn Addiction 8/16

Emily's boyfriend has a porn addiction that is effecting their relationship. He's bringing it into the bedroom, which is not only dulling his performance, but making her feel second best to what's on the T.V.  Is this a bad sign or is this normal behavior? What should Emily do?