BJ & Jamie: Bj And His Dirty Clothes Story. 11/13 (AUDIO)

November 13, 2017

BJ was cleaning out his house and decided to donate some of his old clothes to Goodwill. That started the debate with Jamie about how old is too hold to donate?  And what should he do with his underwear??

Check out the list of 'Dos and Don't' of Donating Clothes. HERE!

BJ & Jamie: BJ's dirty underwear and pants. 11/13

BJ cleaning out his house and it was time to get rid of some cloths and while he was going through things he found some old cloths.. See BJ does not wear underwear so when he found a bunch of pairs of dirty pants he just tossed them into the Goodwill pile without washing them!!  There may have even been skid marks. He even put a bunch of underwear in there..