Slacker and Steve - OPP: Speed Therapy (Audio)

April 22, 2016

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We get a lot of OPPs. Some of them are complicated. Some of them are serious. Some of them are life-changing. Then there are the ones we get that are a little easier to solve. Today, we'll tackle a few of the easier ones. We call it Speed Therapy.


1. Yi guys! My husband and I don't know how to handle what I bet is a common social situation. There are two or three different couples we occasionally meet for dinner. While my hubby and I usually have a glass of wine at most when dining, our friends tend to be heavy drinkers and always order by the bottle. I swear more time is spent drinking than eating! When the bill comes, I literally cringe when I hear our dinner companions cheerfully scream, "Let's just split it down the middle". Uggh. It doesn't even cross their mind that we only ate food. We don't have the nerve to explain that we shouldn't have to pay for their bottles of wine and so in the past, we've always sucked it up and silently paid like the chumps we feel like at that moment. Lately, we've been making excuses not to get together so I was wondering what other people do in awkward situations like this?



2. Yi, My boyfriend came home with a dog last night and I am so angry. He spent $500 on her and didn't ask me about it before he got it. He said he's wanted a dog for so long and he saw her and fell in love. He knows I hate dogs and I know that's why he didn't ask me. What do I do now? Can I make him get rid of the dog or am I stuck with this thing for the next 15 years?



What advice do you have for Brooklyn or Stephanie?

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Speed Therapy 4/22

We have a couple ‪OPP‬ s today, and since they are a little easier to solve, were calling this Speed Therapy! The first comes from Stephanie who doesn't feel its fair to split a huge dinner bill with friends. The second is from Brooklyn whose boyfriend spent a lot of money on a new dog, and she "hates dogs." What would you do if you were Stephanie or Brookyln?