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Irreverent, funny, and real-life radio, BJ and Jamie kick off the day with topical and relationship topics that often cross the line of dysfunctional and unbelievable, yet they’re always hilarious. 

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BJ and Jamie - Airline Tips 4/22 (Audio)

April 22, 2019
A woman was trying to get on a plane, but her bags were over weight. Instead of throwing stuff out she just piled her clothes on her body. She wore 8 dresses, a bunch of pairs of jeans on head wrapped up like a turban, and anything else she could fit onto her body to get her bag under more

BJ and Jamie - Justin Bieber Performed at Coachella 4/22 (Audio)

April 22, 2019
Justin Bieber hasn't performed on stage for two years. He performed last night at Coachella!! Watch the performance below. Video of Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber- Sorry (Coachella weekend 2)read more

BJ and Jamie - Dangers at The Gas Pump 4/17 (Audio)

April 19, 2019
Razor blades under the pump handle, card skimmers, crazy people asking to fix your windows. What is your danger at the gas pump story?read more

BJ and Jamie - Watch Out For Left Over Avalanche Bombs 4/19 (Audio)

April 19, 2019
Apparently there are undetonated bombs left over from avalanche mitigation up in the Rockies. Becareful if you are out hiking and you run across one. Do not approach more

BJ and Jamie - Easter Egg Hunts in Denver 4/19 (Audio)

April 19, 2019
BJ was looking for a place to bring Frog this weekend to get pictures with the Easter Bunny and have him participate in an Easter Egg Hunt. Check out this list he found!read more

BJ and Jamie - Jamie's Diet Plan 4/19 (Audio)

April 19, 2019
She has a pretty extensive plan!read more

BJ and Jamie - 4/20 Events Around Town 4/18 (Audio)

April 18, 2019
420 EVENTS · Mile High 420 Festival 2019 Featuring T.I and Jermaine Dupree Sat, 10 AM 101 W 14th Ave Denver, CO · 4th Annual 420 Weekend Extravaganja Fri, Apr 19 – Sun, Apr 21 808 E 78th Ave Denver, CO · Denver 4/20 Concentrate Cup 2019 Sat, 12 – 8 PM Denver Denver, CO · Colorado 420 Festival more

BJ and Jamie - Kim K Shows Off Insane Bathroom 4/18 (Audio)

April 18, 2019
Kim K's bathroom is legitimately bigger than Producer Sean's house. bathroom tour! A post shared by Kim Kardashian Snapchat -- (@kimkardashiansnap) on Apr 17, 2019 at 12:08pm PDTread more

BJ and Jamie - Beyonce Documentary on Netflix 4/18 (Audio)

April 18, 2019
Are you gonna watch the new Netflix Documentary on Beyonce?read more

BJ and Jamie - Colfax Marathon 4/17 (Audio)

April 17, 2019
Join Denver’s largest running weekend for 2019! Choose the marathon, half marathon, or urban 10 miler and enjoy Denver’s iconic landmarks. Or create a relay team of five runners for one of the largest marathon relays in the U.S. – your team can be friends or work colleagues as we have Open, more