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BJ and Jamie - Pat Bowlen Dies at 75, BJ's Kid Can't a Hint, Jamie is Ready for Thailand! 6/14 (Audio)

June 14, 2019
Pat Bowlen Dies at 75, BJ's Kid Can't a Hint, Jamie is Ready for Thailand!read more

BJ and Jamie - RIP Pat Bowlen 6/14 (Audio)

June 14, 2019
He was 75. Pat Bowlen was a great NFL owner, an important person in the Colorado community, and an all around good person. He will be missed!read more

BJ and Jamie - Full Show SMH Dil's Mom Injured, Mike Tyson's Weed Resort, Sean Has the Cluckin Flu, and We REALLY Want to Collect These Plastic Bags 6/13 (Audio)

June 13, 2019
Sean is out sick with the cluckin flu, SMH Dil's Family is Crazy, and we really want to collect these Vancouver!read more

BJ and Jamie - Mike Tyson's Weed Resort 6/13 (Audio)

June 13, 2019
Would you visit Mike Tyson's 420 acre weed resort??read more

BJ and Jamie - Do You Sleep With a Comfort Item 6/13 (Audio)

June 13, 2019
Apparently about 1/3 of adults sleep with a comfort item from their child hood. Do you sleep with something?read more

BJ and Jamie - Mother Trucker Update SMH Dil's Mom Injured 6/13 (Audio)

June 13, 2019
She fell down and broke her elbow!! BJ and Jamie wish her more

BJ and Jamie - What Do You Think of When You Think of Thailand, USA Women's Soccer Under Fire For Running Up The Score, A Woman in Colorado Claims She Saw an Alien 6/12 (Audio)

June 12, 2019
What do you think of when you think of Thailand?? USA Women's Soccer under fire for running up the score against Thailand. Do you think this woman really saw an alien?read more

BJ and Jamie - What Do You Think of When You Think of Thailand 6/12 (Audio)

June 12, 2019
Jamie is going to Thailand this summer!! We talk about what we think of when we think of Thailand and what she should expect on her more

BJ and Jamie - Is This An Alien 6/12 (Audio)

June 12, 2019
Do you think this was an Alien in this Colorado woman's drive way? a lady posted this and said she saw this on her home camera this morning. what y’all think this is ? — jey bee . -- (@jadynbee_) June 7, 2019read more

BJ and Jamie - Full Show Jamie Doesn't Know What To Get Her Dad For Father's Day, Sean's Band Lost a Memeber Already, SMH Dil Has Long Muscles 6/11 (Audio) 6/11 (Audio)

June 11, 2019
Jamie's sure what she should buy her dad for Father's Day!! SMH Dil isn't skinny he just has long muscles!! Sean's band mates didn't like BJ and Jamie's name for the band and one of them more