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Irreverent, funny, and real-life radio, BJ and Jamie kick off the day with topical and relationship topics that often cross the line of dysfunctional and unbelievable, yet they’re always hilarious. 

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BJ and Jamie - Living Pay Check To Pay Check 1/18 (Audio)

January 18, 2019
Most American's can't afford more

BJ and Jamie - Gas Pump Scammers 1/18 (Audio)

January 18, 2019
Watch out for gas pump credit card scams! Just shake the little thing you put your card in before trying it. If it is super lose and you can pull it off with ease it's probably bugged!read more

BJ and Jamie - Littleton Has Some of the Worst Drivers 1/18 (Audio)

January 18, 2019
Sean and BJ are just adding to the more

BJ and Jamie - Money CAN Buy Happieness 1/18 (Audio)

January 18, 2019
Seems pretty obvious when you hear what the study says!read more

BJ and Jamie - Dog Fakes Being Stray For McDonalds 1/18 (Audio)

January 18, 2019
This dog sneaks out at night for late night more

BJ and Jamie - Million Dollar Lottery Ticket LOST 1/18 (Audio)

January 18, 2019
A man lost his a winning lottery ticket worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Someone found it and returned it to the man. Would you be able to return it even though it was unsigned and you could claim it?read more

BJ and Jamie - Jamie Might Break Up With Superman 1/17 (Audio)

January 17, 2019
He was watching a show Jamie really dislikes!read more

BJ and Jamie - Mason Lowe Donations 1/17 (Audio)

January 17, 2019
If you would like to help out you can donate at www.nationalwestern.comread more

BJ and Jamie - Jamie Got Braces! 1/17 (Audio)

January 17, 2019
She says they hurt more as an adult than as a more

BJ and Jamie - Jillian Michaels Calls Out Al Roker 1/16 (Audio)

January 16, 2019
Jillian Michaels is calling out Al Roker for saying Keto is a good more