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BJ and Jamie - Flat Earth Society in Denver 11/16 Audio

November 16, 2018
There is a Flat Earthers convention in town this weekend!read more

BJ and Jamie - Turkey Talk 11/16 (Audio)

November 16, 2018
Millenials want thin turkeys! Apparently they think getting a fat turkey is more

BJ and Jamie - P Diddy's EX-Wife Unexpectedly Died From Flu 11/16 (Audio)

November 16, 2018
P Diddy's EX-wife, Kim Porter, who was born in Columbus, Georgia, and would have turned 48 next month, was found unresponsive Thursday morning in her home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Toluca Lake, the Los Angeles County medical examiner's office more

BJ and Jamie - Thanksgiving Setups 11/16 (Audio)

November 16, 2018
BJ has red solo cups and plates that don't more

BJ and Jamie - Woman Reads Cheater Text Instead of Vows 11/16 (Audio)

November 16, 2018
A woman discovered her husband was cheating on her and read his text instead of her vows when they were at the more

BJ and Jamie - Stephen Baldwin's Mistress Details Affair 11/16 (Audio)

November 16, 2018
Ruth Perez Anselmi is telling about details about her and Stephen Baldwin more

BJ and Jamie - Hollywood Director Loses All His Money in Fire 11/16 (Audio)

November 16, 2018
Apparently he didn't trust banks and now he is more

BJ and Jamie - Lisa Ripped The Bumper Off BJ's Truck 11/16 (Audio)

November 16, 2018
Lisa was up in the mountains and accidentally ripped off the bumper of BJ's new more

BJ and Jamie - Relaxed Meat 11/15 (Audio)

November 15, 2018
These turkeys are relaxed and more

BJ and Jamie - What Kind of Facial Hair Does Jamie Like? 11/15 (Audio)

November 15, 2018
There are four levels of facial hair, Clean Shave, Stubble, Double Stubble, and beard. Which do you prefer?read more