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Irreverent, funny, and real-life radio, BJ and Jamie kick off the day with topical and relationship topics that often cross the line of dysfunctional and unbelievable, yet they’re always hilarious. 

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BJ and Jamie - What Did Frog Say 8/12 (Audio)

August 12, 2020
Its the latest game sweeping the nation! Can you guess What Did Frog Say?read more

BJ and Jamie - Jamie's HOA Coup Had a Snitch 8/12 (Audio)

August 12, 2020
Jamie’s HOA was supposed to be voting on who was to be the next HOA president. Well the votes didn’t get counted. Apparently if residents didn’t attend any HOA meeting they can’t vote. The current president, Betty, has spies all over the different Facebook groups that are planning to over throw more
HOA Clip Board

BJ and Jamie - Jamie's Coup Is Today 8/11 (Audio)

August 11, 2020
Jamie's nieghbors have had it with Betty. She is in charge of the HOA and people are comin for her! Listen tomorrow to find out the results!read more

BJ and Jamie - What Did Frog Say 8/7 (Audio)

August 7, 2020
Carson was close on this one! Can you guys What Did Frog Say!?read more

BJ and Jamie - HOA Coup 8/7 (Audio)

August 7, 2020
Jamie's neighborhood is over their HOA president and they're revolting! What is the worst thing about HOAs?read more

BJ and Jamie - What Did Frog Say 8/6 (Audio)

August 6, 2020
Can you beat Carson at guessing what BJ's 2 year old is saying? He is currently 1 for 13!read more
Hair extensions before and after

BJ and Jamie - Jamie Wants To Buy SMH Dil Hair Extensions 8/6 (Audio)

August 6, 2020
SMH Dil is going bald even though he is only 30. Jamie knows how much it affects him, so to help out she wants to get him hair extensions!read more

BJ and Jamie - What Did Frog Say 8/5 (Audio)

August 5, 2020
Carson is 1 for 12 guessing What Did Frog Say. Do you think he can get #13?read more
Scratch Ticket

BJ and Jamie - Man Wins 5 Million After Buying Every Ticket 8/5 (Audio)

August 5, 2020
How crazy is this!?!? After around 40 stores and four hours of searching, one North Carolina man finally struck gold. Kevin Clark, of Candler, North Carolina, played a hunch and went on a journey to find the last top prize of the $5,000,000 Mega Cash scratch-off game!read more
Pouring Drinks

BJ and Jamie - Bars Find A Way Around 10PM Last Call 8/5 (Audio)

August 5, 2020
Bars have found a loop hole around 10PM last calls! They can sell you bottle service just before last call and you're allowed to stay and finish the bottle(s) you have!read more