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BJ and Jamie - John Hickenlooper Didn't Know He Was Taking His Mom To A Porn 3/21 (Audio)

March 21, 2019
Apparently John Hickenlooper didn't know what an X rated movie was when he was 18 and accidentally took his mom to one! BJ and Jamie want to know if you think this makes him more or less likable and why?read more

BJ and Jamie - Lori Loughlin's Daughter Is Like So Totally Mad At Her 3/21 (Audio)

March 21, 2019
According to sources Olivia Jade is "like so totally mad at ther mom for ruining her influencer status." Olivia is so upset and embarrassed by everything, she "doesn't even want to go out," which is a really big deal when you're 19 years more

BJ and Jamie - NCAA Basketball Tournament Starts Today 3/21 (Audio)

March 21, 2019
The NCAA Basketball Tournament starts today!! BJ is super excited!!read more

BJ and Jamie - Millionaire Penny Slot Winner 3/20 (Audio

March 20, 2019
How lucky is this guy!!read more

BJ and Jamie - Marijuana Could Increase Risk of Psychosis 3/20 (Audio)

March 20, 2019
According to a new study, one of the largest of its kind, smoking strong pot daily could increase your chances of psychosis by as much as 5 times!read more

BJ and Jamie - Make Money Parking Your Car At The Airport! 3/20 (Audio)

March 20, 2019
A new app called Drift will let people park at air ports for free!! You can even make some money!!read more

BJ and Jamie - Tiny Home Show 3/19 (Audio)

March 19, 2019
Attendees will be able to see the latest trends in tiny living. Learning from builders, project experts and lifestyle authors at the educational conferences or panel discussions. Explore options on real estate developments for alternative housing locations around the United States. And enjoy more

BJ and Jamie - Creator Of WhatsApp Says Delete Facebook Now 3/10 (Audio)

March 19, 2019
Allegedly Facebook is going to start helping insurance companies find pictures of you doing dangerous stuff to raise your rates!read more

BJ and Jamie - Popular Vegan YouTuber Caught Eating Meat 3/19 (Audio)

March 19, 2019
A popular vegan vlogger, known for her years of praising a raw vegan diet, has come clean about eating animal products after video was taken of her eating fish at a restaurant, according to other YouTubers. Video of THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENINGread more

BJ and Jamie - Things That Stress Millenials 3/19 (Audio)

March 19, 2019
Do any of these stress you out?? Here are the top 20 stressful scenarios reported by millennials: 1. Losing wallet/credit card 2. Arguing with partner 3. Commute/traffic delays 4. Losing phone 5. Arriving late to work 6. Slow WiFi 7. Phone battery dying 8. Forgetting passwords 9. Credit card more