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BJ & Jamie: Drunk Girl Gets Head Stuck In Tail Pipe 6/14 (AUDIO)

June 14, 2018
A teen in Minnesota was at a music festival and wondered if she could fit her head inside the tail pipe of a big truck, not only did her head fit, it got stuck. Read the whole Story HERE. Video of Bizarre moment woman gets her head s tuck in truck’s exhaust pipe at country music festival inread more

BJ & Jamie: Dennis Rodman Is Touched By Singapore Meeting 6/12 (AUDIO)

June 12, 2018
Dennis Rodman cries during an interview talking about Kim Jung Un meeting with Donald Trump. The menu of what Trump and Un had for dinner. Read all about Dennis Rodman HERE! Video of (FULL) Dennis Rodman Starts Crying As He Talks About Supporting Donald Trump & Kim Jong Unread more

BJ & Jamie: Sean Swallow Interviews William Shatner (Audio) 6/11

June 11, 2018
William Shatner calls in, Sean has an exlusive interview with the Star Trek Star. William Shatner will be in Denver on June 21st. Get Ticket info HERE! Video of KHAAAAAAN!read more

BJ & Jamie: Justin Trudeau's Fake Eyebrow (Audio) 6/11

June 11, 2018
Justin Trudeau responded to Trump's Negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. BJ & Jamie join in the great debate, was he wearing fake eyebrows? Video of Reacting to Trump Negotiating Justin Trudeau's eyebrows off #EyeBrowGateread more

BJ & Jamie: Anthony Bourdain Found Dead at Age 61 6/8 (AUDIO)

June 8, 2018
Shocking news this morning anthony bourdain has taken his own life and the reports are coming out of France where he is filming a new show that he was found dead in his hotel room. Facebook Trending is gone. Read the whole story HERE! Video of Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Episode One: more

BJ & Jamie: Man Bitten By Rattlesnake Head 6/7 (AUDIO)

June 7, 2018
Man is bitten by the head of a rattlesnake after he cut it off the snakes body. The man almost died from the snake bite and may have a hard recovery. Read the whole story HERE! Video of Man bitten by severed rattlesnake headread more

BJ & Jamie: 'Fixer Upper' Stars Fined $40,000 By The EPA 6/7 (ADUIO)

June 7, 2018
Chip and Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show, 'Fixer Upper' have been fined $40,000 by the EPA for miss handling Lead paint is some of their episodes. Members of the EPA have been watching the show and in several episodes they disposed lead paint incorrectly over 30 times. Read the Whole Story HERE! more

BJ & Jamie: Donald Trump Pardons Alice Johnson, Thanks Kim Kardashian 6/7 (AUDIO)

June 7, 2018
Alice Johnson has been released from prison and she is thanking Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. But we think this is bad now Kim will think she can change the world. Now Pam Anderson wants Trump to pardon the WikiLeaks guy. Read the Whole Story HERE!read more

BJ & Jamie: Miss America Pageant Removes Swimsuit Competition 6/6

June 6, 2018
The Miss America pageant is no longer a pageant it is a competition. They have eliminated the Swim suit part of the competition and the evening gowns. No woman will be judged by their looks. What will this do to the children’s pageants? Read the whole story HERE Video of Miss America drops more

BJ & Jamie: Joy Founder Dr. Jeff Brodsky Joins The Show 6/6

June 6, 2018
Joy Founder/President Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky joined the show to talk about his non-profit organization whose mission is to combat sex trafficking across the world. His journey also resulted in his going barefoot for the last 8 years after ne noticed barefoot children in Cambodia looking for food. more