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BJ & Jamie: Americans Feeling Political Fatigue 6/6

June 6, 2018
News Fatigue is a real thing and 70% of Americans are worn out with all the fake news. It seems these days we are not getting hard news we are just fed opinion by the reporters. Read the whole story HERE Video of Americans have scandal fatigue?read more

BJ & Jamie: Supreme Court Sides With Denver Baker 6/5 (AUDIO)

June 5, 2018
The supreme Court ruled that the cake shop owner in Denver who was sued because he refused to make a cake for a same sex couple has the right legally to refuse service to whomever he wishes. Read the whole story HERE! Video of Supreme Court Sides With Colorado Baker In Same-Sex Wedding Cake Caseread more

BJ & Jamie: Frontier Pilot Strike Could Hit During Summer 6/5 (Audio)

June 5, 2018
Bad news for summer! Frontier Airlines Pilots could strike! Read the whole story HERE! Video of Aviation News #4 - Frontier Pilot Strike Inevitable, Sun Country New Livery, and Moreread more

BJ & Jamie: Interview With Stan Zimmerman, Writer of Roseanne (Audio) 6/4

June 4, 2018
BJ & Jamie have one of the writers of "Roseanne" on the show. Stan Zimmerman spills the beans about Roseanne, what it was like to work on the original show, and weighs in on current events. Listen here to get his opinions on the cancelled show which had just been given the go ahead for a more

BJ & Jamie: City of Denver To Remove Dock-less Scooters (Audio) 6/4

June 4, 2018
City of Denver is finally moving Lime and Juice scooters form the downtown area. BJ & Jamie think we might have a money making opportunity here. Video of City Orders Dockless Scooter Companies To Remove Scootersread more

BJ & Jamie: FBI Agent Fires Weapon Inside Denver Nightclub (Audio) 6/4

June 4, 2018
The FBI agent who shot a guy in the leg while dancing drunk in a night club was allowed to leave the scene and the question is will he face any repercussions from this shooting? Video of Denver Police investigating accidental shooting from gun of an off-duty FBI agentread more

BJ & Jamie: BJ Is Grumpy (Audio) 6/1

June 1, 2018
BJ is grumpy this morning because someone erased his art off the dry erase board in the more

BJ & Jamie: BJ And Jamie Talk About Costco (Audio) 6/1

June 1, 2018
Bj is a Costco member and Jamie says there is no reason for her and her son to be a member. But the new thing that is selling out at Costco is the Cauliflower Crust pizza. Costco says they cannot make them fast enough and its causing Jamie to rethink a membership. BJ says that Costco makes a more

BJ & Jamie: Brain in Your Butt (Audio) 6/1

June 1, 2018
BJ found a study which says that there are neurons in the digestive system which think independently of the brain... they help you poo. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Video of You May Have a 'Second Brain' in Your Butt... And It's Smarter Than You Thinkread more

BJ & Jamie: Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Man Smokes Joint On Plane 5/31

May 31, 2018
There is a story of a man who had to get high on a plane so he went into the bathroom and lit up a joint. The plane had to make an emergency landing but it was only 30 minutes from their destination. The Lime Green scooters are in Denver and the City had now clue they were coming. Read the more