Lee Harris

M-F 7PM - Midnight

Radio has been a huge part of my life since I was basically born; I practically grew up in and around radio stations! I don't think it was something that was 'fate' (cause that sort of stuff seems a bit silly to me) but has certainly been something I have always wanted to do from a very young age. In 2009 I was given an opportunity to jump into radio and I took it. My decision making is questionable (at best) most of the time but that was one of the good ones, probably best ones even. I grew up in Florida and came to Colorado in high school and feel like this place is definitely my home now. One of the biggest reasons I love this state is the incredible music scene here. It's huge. Seriously. I even participate in it as a nightclub DJ on the weekends around Denver. During the week, radio DJ. During the weekends, club DJ. Being a DJ is just sort of my thing. I can completely engulf myself in the music and the artists every night of the week and share it with everyone else and I wouldn't have it any other way.