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Indulge your inner curiosity with caller driven conversation that make you feel like you’re part of the conversation—or even better, eavesdropping on someone else’s drama. Slacker and Steve have a way of making light of thought-provoking topics by showcasing the humor in the dysfunction of everyday life, while challenging Alice’s lady listeners by bringing the true Alice attitude to life.

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Slacker and Steve - We Know It's Weird, but a Woman Saw a Giraffe in Colorado. No, Not at the Zoo 12/12 (Audio)

December 12, 2018
Slacker saw some deer in the Tech Center today. Pretty weird. In Texas, a giant spool rolled down a highway after coming loose from a truck. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen?read more

Slacker and Steve - She Quit Her Job, but Not Before Causing Some Damage 12/12 (Audio)

December 12, 2018
We don’t have the guts to do this. A 17 year old announced he was quitting over the store’s intercom. He ended his rant with “F*** management, f*** this job and f*** Walmart.” Customers cheered and clapped as he walked out of the store. When have you left your job like a boss?read more

Slacker and Steve - OPP - They're Thrilled to be Pregnant, but His Happiness is Stressing Her Out 12/12 (Audio)

December 12, 2018
Samantha is pregnant with her first baby, but she’s having a hard time with her husband. He is way overprotective. They had a miscarriage in the past and she understands why he’s a little extra protective, but it has gone too far. He does super nice things like fluffing her pillows and always more

Slacker and Steve - Sleepwalking is Usually Harmless, Unless You Almost Get Eaten by a Cheetah 12/12 (Audio)

December 12, 2018
We’ve all been there: sleep deprived and doing some stupid stuff, like trying to call someone using the T.V. remote, microwaving ice because you’re thirsty, or forgetting how to turn off the lamp so you just crush the light bulb in your hand…well maybe not the last part. What’s the stupidest more

Slacker and Steve - So Some High School Kids and a Goat Walk Into a Bar...12/11 (Audio)

December 11, 2018
CALL THE COPS. We need to DNA test….yogurt? A woman reported one of her five roommates ate her yogurt and the cops ran a DNA test. It costed more than $500 to test all the roommates for the $2 yogurt, but they figured out which one it was and now she’s been charged with theft. What’s the more

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Never Had a Boyfriend and She Feels Like Time is Running Out 12/11 (Audio)

December 11, 2018
Irene is in her late 20’s and has never had a boyfriend. She’s on dating websites and is putting herself out there to meet someone, but hasn’t had any luck. Whenever she goes out with friends, they always get hit on and she doesn’t. She’s recently lost 35 pounds and looks and feels great, but more

Slacker and Steve - Holidays Are A Time for Family, Friends, Fun, and Trips to the ER 12/11 (Audio)

December 11, 2018
Some have fallen off the roof while putting lights up, others have burned themselves on food, but those aren’t crazy enough for us. One man had a corneal abrasion after getting poked in the eye by a tree. When have you gotten hurt during the holidays?read more

Slacker and Steve - Nothing Ruins the Mood Quite Like This! 12/7 (Audio)

December 7, 2018
Uhhh, mom? Dad? Steve gets caught doing the deed by his date’s kids and Slacker gets caught hiding food by his kids. When have you been caught by the kids?read more

Slacker and Steve - These Talents Are Great...Depending on Your Definition of "Talent" 12/7 (Audio)

December 7, 2018
Whether it's crying like a baby, or being able to burp nonstop, everyone has a talent! It's time for a telephone talent show!read more

Slacker and Steve - A Man Wanted More Traffic to His Restaurant. So He Built His Own Off-Ramp 12/7 (Audio)

December 7, 2018
Take THAT. One man took it into his own hands and built an off ramp directly to his restaurant. The state tried to stop/fine him but it was on a reservation, so their rules didn’t apply. When have you stuck it to the man?read more