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Indulge your inner curiosity with caller driven conversation that make you feel like you’re part of the conversation—or even better, eavesdropping on someone else’s drama. Slacker and Steve have a way of making light of thought-provoking topics by showcasing the humor in the dysfunction of everyday life, while challenging Alice’s lady listeners by bringing the true Alice attitude to life.

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Slacker and Steve - I Said I Wanted Oatmeal, Not Yogurt! 6/26 (Audio)

June 26, 2019
Pregnant women have the right to cry over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and it can be pretty humorous. Like crying because a picture on the wall was crooked, Chick-fil-A was closed, or because the microwave told you to enjoy your meal. What are your hormone horror stories?read more

Slacker and Steve - You'll Be Jealous of Their Vacation, Especially When You Find Out They Didn't Pay For It 6/26 (Audio)

June 26, 2019
HOW CAN YOU GET BORED OF THIS?! A woman had a sugar daddy, who gave her a first class trip to the Bahamas, a new iPad for the trip, a $700 bikini, and would fly together to his condo in Florida every two weeks, but after six months, she moved on because she was BORED. HOW? What are your gold more

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Boyfriend Asked Her a Question, and He Didn't Like the Answer 6/26 (Audio)

June 26, 2019
Tara’s boyfriend asked her how many partners she’s had, and he didn’t like her answer. Tara was a little more free spirited in college, and she’s not embarrassed or anything, but it made her boyfriend uncomfortable. Her number doesn’t define her, it’s just she’s had a different experience than more

Slacker and Steve - "Mom, Hurry Up and Open Your Ring!" 6/26 (Audio)

June 26, 2019
Come on, Dr. Phil! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married in Vegas, but are planning on having a big ceremony, BUT HERE COMES DR. PHIL TO RUIN THE SURPRISE . When have you ruined a surprise?read more

Slacker and Steve - Sometimes the Only Thing Worse Than Your Enemy Is Your Friend! 6/25 (Audio)

June 25, 2019
Woooow. This bride got caught scamming HUNDREDS of dollars from her own wedding party! She lied about the price of the dresses/alterations and planned on keeping the money, but they found out and dropped out. Talk about a frienemy. What are your frienemy stories?read more

Slacker and Steve - That's The Last Thing You'd Want to Find In Your Hotel Sheets! 6/25 (Audio)

June 25, 2019
Oh noooo. A man was stabbed in the toe with a hypodermic needle that was under his hotel bed. Another person heard screams and loud cries and reported the noise, only to find out that a haunted house was set up in the room next to him. No sleep that night. What are your hotel horror stories?read more

Slacker and Steve - Are You a Magician? Because When I Look at You, Everyone Else Disappears 6/25 (Audio)

June 25, 2019
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past you again? I’m learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them? What’s your favorite pickup line?read more

Slacker and Steve - Attention Passengers, We've Now Reached Snoozing Altitude 6/25 (Audio)

June 25, 2019
It’s normal to fall asleep on a plane. It’s not normal to wake up on a dark, parked plane all alone. Another man fell asleep while on a train when a thief cut a hole in his pants and stole his phone and wallet. What are your wildest fell asleep stories?read more

Slacker and Steve - Some of These People Bear-ly Survived These Encounters! 6/24 (Audio)

June 24, 2019
It’s unbearable how cute this napping black bear is. Another baby bear was taken into a home…because a woman thought it was a dog. What are your bear stories?read more

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's In Love. He's Online. 6/24 (Audio)

June 24, 2019
Caroline’s boyfriend of two years, took some time off from social media, but he got back on and she’s not a fan. He doesn’t post much about their relationship, which she doesn’t mind, but he likes a lot of revealing photos of other women which does concern her. It’s making her feel more