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Slacker and Steve - First World Problems (Audio)

First world problems surround us more than we think, here’s a list of 10 funny...yet pathetic first world problems:


1. Forgetting you’re watching live TV and you can’t fast forward through commercials

2. I have a cut on my thumb and it won’t let me scroll or unlock my iPhone

3. My vehicle camera system sometimes picks up snow and hail around me so it constantly beeps over my music

4. Nothing drives me more insane than when I have to delete the word “Search...” in the search box before I can search my word

5. When I take a turn in my car that wasn’t sharp enough for my blinker to shut off

6. The DVR didn't record my show

7. I hate when I can’t use the toilet at home because its ‘auto clean’ went off

8. I forgot to turn the light off and was way too comfy in bed, so I just clapped my hands twice

9. My air conditioned seats in my Mercedes is too loud

10. I had to turn down the brightness on my ipad because it’s hurting my eyes


What are your first world problems?