Slacker and Steve - GMD - Their Daughter Has a Bright Future, but They Don't Know If It's the Right Future 3/14 (Audio)

Ken and Rachelle have a beautiful, outgoing 6 year old daughter. Even at her young age, people will stop her in the street to compliment her. Ken thinks him and Rachelle should hire a talent agent for their daughter. Rachelle believes putting their daughter through possible child stardom would...
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Slacker and Steve - No Autographs Please, That Was Just My Hand in the Movie 2/21 (Audio)

Being a movie or TV extra can be a lot of fun, but also a letdown. What movie/TV show were you in, but you can't see your face?
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Cameron Diaz Has Reportedly Retired from Acting at the Age of 45

Cameron Diaz may have retired from acting at the age of 45, according to a new report . The rumors are swirling after Diaz's pal, Selma Blair , told the Metro News that Cameron had retired from acting. Cameron Diaz won't be making any more movies — Metro Entertainment (@...
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