Woman with Sick Mother

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Never Been Close to Her Mom. Now She's Battling Illness 1/13 (Audio)

Anne grew up almost with her mother. Her mom didn’t take care of her, and let the grandparents take care of everything. Her mom also abused alcohol and drugs. Well, Anne’s mom recently got in a car accident and has no one to help her. She would help a hurt animal, so why shouldn’t she help her hurt...
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Man Drinking Milk

Slacker and Steve - Steve Drinks HOW MUCH Milk!? 1/7 (Audio)

We all know someone who has a purse Chapstick, a car Chapstick, a work Chapstick…guilty. Or someone who can’t go a single day without coffee…guilty…or someone who can’t stop eating baby powder…not guilty. What’s the harmless addiction you have?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - He's Turned His Life Around, but Now He Wants to Turn Their Lives Upside Down 5/15 (Audio)

Kendall’s boyfriend has been sober for 2 months, but she’s still worried about him. How does she know it will last? He did bad things while under the influence and she’s scared that something might happen again. What advice do you have for her?
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Slacker and Steve - H2Oh My Gosh, How Many Water Bottles Does She Have? 2/6 (Audio)

Addictions usually have negative connotations, but we don’t want to talk about those ones. We want to talk about the harmless addictions you have, like lip balm (guilty,) cracking your fingers (also guilty) or Dr. Pimple Popper videos (not guilty.) What is your harmless addiction?
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Slacker and Steve - Every Relationship Has It's Highs and Lows, but This Relationship Might Be Too High 1/7 (Audio)

Alex loves his girlfriend, but she does something that really annoys him: before they have relations, she has to get “altered.” She will stop in the middle of getting everything started to go smoke weed or drink and it’s really starting to bother Alex. Alex is worried she’s bored with him or has a...
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Slacker and Steve - Weird Addictions 9/24 (Audio)

We know that tanning can be very dangerous and can cause skin cancer, but that didn’t stop one woman. The self-proclaimed “tanorexic” had a tanning bed in her bedroom and doused herself in Coca-Cola and baby oil to get that sun-kissed look. What’s the weird thing you’re addicted to?
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BJ & Jamie: Teens Going To Rehab From Their Phones. 4/30 (Audio)

Addiction to the internet and digital phones for Teens has reached an all-time high so now there are 30 day programs for teens. This is an inpatient treatment and it is $50,000 for 30 days. Jamie wants to start a rehab for this and she could make millions! Bj can’t understand therapy on your phones...
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