Holiday Party

Slacker and Steve - GMD - Is She the Life of the Party, or Is He Acting Like a Scrooge? 12/5 (Audio)

Jack and Becca have been married for quite some time, and Jack recently got a new job. His work is hosting a holiday party soon, and Jack doesn’t want Becca to go, but Becca wants to go. Becca tends to over drink and, make a fool of them. Becca knows she’s made mistakes in the past, but he is over...
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Kid Drinking

Slacker and Steve - Tore Down a Wall Because I Was Bored...It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 10/18 (Audio)

“I wanted to show my friend that butter knives are really not sharp and ended up with a scar on my hand.”
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Doctor Drinking at Work

Slacker and Steve - More People Are Drinking at Work Than You Realize 10/1 (Audio)

64% of women and 70% of men admitted that they’ve drunk or buzzed at work, and the other 36%/30% are liars. What are your wasted at work stories?
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Man with Sword

Slacker and Steve - Slacker Has Way Too Many Swords 9/27 (Audio)

Drunk decisions doesn’t always mean that they’re bad decisions. One person saw a sad video about a dying polar bear and got wasted later that night. They woke up to an email thanking them for adopting a polar bear. Another person increased their 401k percentage from their paychecks. Solid financial...
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Drunk or Kid

Slacker and Steve - Ran Home for Two Hours Because I Was Nervous About Getting In A Car...It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 9/20 (Audio)

“Ran home for 2 hours because I was too anxious about getting into a car with some friends.” DRUNK OR KID?
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Drunk Eating

Slacker and Steve - Sometimes Cookies with Mayo Hit the Spot! 9/6 (Audio)

There’s nothing like that hunger you get after a wild night filled with too many cocktails, but some of these are disgusting. One guy made an ice cream sundae with Cool Ranch Doritos, Sour Patch Kids and a lot of chocolate syrup. Another woman made PB&J sandwiches topped with chicken nuggets...
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BJ and Jamie - 25% of People Say They Have Been Drunk or High at Work 8/15 (Audio)

Do you have a co-worker who always seems a little goofy?? 25% of people admit to being drunk or high at work.
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Slacker and Steve - Rearranging the Furniture...In the Furniture Store. It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 8/9 (Audio)

Wanted to go swimming, but didn’t have a pool, so I went out into the rain, lied on the ground, and flailed around like an idiot. DRUNK OR KID?
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Slacker and Steve - Kids' Birthday Parties Are Great! Cake, Ice Cream, a Keg!? 8/8 (Audio)

Nick and Emma have a baby boy who is about to turn one. They’re throwing him a birthday party, and Nick wants to make sure it’s entertaining. He wants to have a keg at the party. Emma doesn’t want to have any alcohol. It’s a toddler’s birthday, and the adults shouldn’t be making fools of themselves...
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Slacker and Steve - Filled My Stairway with Snow So I Could Ski Down It. It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 6/28 (Audio)

"Called 911 because the cable TV was malfunctioning." DRUNK OR KID?
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