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Slacker and Steve’s Deck the Paws with Dumb Friends League

When you give to the Dumb Friends League you are supporting so much more than pet adoption. You are helping them provide warm shelter and care to thousands of homeless, abandoned and neglected pets and help support their low-cost Solutions – Veterinary Hospital where they provide life saving care...
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Share the Love

Subaru Share the Love

Visit to donate to a Subaru hometown charity, then share why you donated using the hashtag #ShareTheLoveCO and your donation made by January 4th will be matched by Subaru.
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Give Comfort & Joy Benefitting Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

Every child deserves to experience the magic of the holiday season. But hundreds of patients and their families spend the holidays at Children’s Hospital Colorado every year. From bringing joy to a child’s hospital room with toy deliveries and decorations to providing hope for new treatments and...
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BJ & Jamie: BJ Is Grumpy (Audio) 6/1

BJ is grumpy this morning because someone erased his art off the dry erase board in the studio.
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The Mistake Right Under Your Nose

And check out how Cruze tried to fix it...
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Will Cruze Sabotage Carson's Big Day!?!?

How many tricks does Cruze have up his sleeve???
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Is This Carson's Clever Plot to Ditch Cruze?

Cruze thinks Carson is pulling a fast one on him.
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Is Cruze Hanging Up His Headphones?

What would Cruze do if he wasn't in radio?
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Is Carson's Texting Etiquette Rude?

This drives Cruze crazy!
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Their First Fight..Who's The 5yr Old?

Cruze & Carson share how it all began.
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