These are the 10 best locations in the U.S. for UFO enthusiasts to buy a home

National real estate company has compiled a list of the best places in America for UFO enthusiasts to purchase a home. Alien-spotters have various cities to phone home. Read to find out more!
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Man steals truck to go 'meet an alien' but returns it after he started feeling bad

A Utah man is behind bars after he stole a pickup truck out of a 7-Eleven parking lot. He reportedly took the truck in order to drive all the way to the ‘Colosseum to get on a flight with alien diplomats.’ Read the bizarre story on RADIO.COM.
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Study Finds Up to 36 Intelligent Alien Civilizations Possible in Milky Way

According to a study by the University of Nottingham in England, all things being equal, there should be roughly 36 active alien worlds in the Milky Way. See the details.
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Slacker and Steve - Can These Stories Make Steve Change His Mind on Aliens? 1/15 (Audio)

Aliens. What are your alien encounter stories?
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BJ and Jamie - About a Half Million People Want To Storm Area 51 7/12 (Audio)

Over 429,000 people have signed on to a Facebook event pledging to raid Area 51 in southern Nevada in an effort to "see them aliens." An additional 439,000 respondents marked themselves as "interested" on the event page as of this morning. If you're crazy enough to sign up CLICK HERE.
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BJ and Jamie - Is This An Alien 6/12 (Audio)

Do you think this was an Alien in this Colorado woman's drive way? a lady posted this and said she saw this on her home camera this morning. what y’all think this is ? — jey bee . -- (@jadynbee_) June 7, 2019
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Slacker and Steve - Maybe We Shouldn't be the Judges of Whether or Not There's "Intelligent" Life Out There 5/1 (Audio)

Texas residents saw a bright light in the sky and there’s only one thing that it can be: aliens. One woman saw a strange ball of light with an alien face in her bedroom. Have you had an encounter with an alien?
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Lauren Jauregui Argues for that aliens are real.

Lauren Jauregui Answers Fan Question, Says Aliens Have to be Real

When asked if she believes in aliens, Lauren Jauregui pretty much proved why you're foolish to not believe...
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