BJ & Jamie: Crash dieting.. 012/6 (AUDIO)

Jamie and Bj talk about their crash diets.. Jamie is only eating meat and Bj is only eating… other stuff. We all hate that person who eats what they want and never gains weight Jamie likes the Atkins diet check it out HERE Video of Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast - The 3 Week Diet
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BJ and Jamie: Bj's diet is off to a good start. 12/5 (AUDIO)

BJ is a new man this morning…. He is no longer the lazy fat guy who eats cookies and crap all day. He did eat the whole pecan pie, all the Oreo’s and almost the whole bag of Fritos are gone. But today he has snacks.. he brought a ziplock full of Almonds and a can of Tuna.. than he opened and...
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