BJ and Jamie - New Amazon-Ring Drone 9/25 (Audio)

Would you buy one of these?
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Shopper at grocery store

BJ and Jamie - New Amazon Grocery Stores 2/26 (Audio)

Amazon has a new grocery store! The store has no cashiers and tracks all your purchases through video. Anything you leave the store with will be charged to your amazon account.
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BJ and Jamie - $45 Billion A Year Spent on Drunken Amazon Purchases 8/12 (Audio)

Amazon says we spend about $45 billion dollars a year on online purchases while we are drunk. Do you have any drunken internet purchases?
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BJ and Jamie - Amazon Prime Day 7/15 (Audio)

We LOVE Amazon Prime Day!! What are you getting?
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Slacker and Steve - This Technology Hack Puts the D in Discount 7/1 (Audio)

The “Buy Now With 1-Click” button is great for online shopping, but also a parent’s worst nightmare. This tech savvy toddler was playing with her mom’s phone when she clicked that button and bought a $430 couch. What are your tech screwed me over stories?
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BJ and Jamie - Alexa Farts 7/1 (Audio)

Did you know Amazon's Alexa can fart??
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BJ and Jamie - Amazon's Shock Collar 6/17 (Audio)

Amazon is coming out with a bracelet that shocks you everytime you do something you shouldn't be doing!! Too much fast food?? SHOCKED! Sitting in front of the computer for too long?? SHOCKED!! Would you want to use this??
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BJ and Jamie - $45 Billion a Year Spent on Drunk Online Purchases 3/26 (Audio)

Amazon estimates as much as $45 Billion a year is spent on drunk purchses while shopping online.
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BJ and Jamie - Jamie Ordered a Fish Tank From Amazon With Same Day Shipping, But It Hasn't Arrived 2/25

Jamie ordered an aquaponic fish tank from Amazon for her son. She noticed that same day shipping was free, so she opted to get her fish tank the same day. It hasn't showed up yet!!! What in the hell!
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BJ and Jamie - Bezos Leaked Pics 1/11 (Audio)

Apparently Bezos has more than just a big bank account!
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