BJ and Jamie - $45 Billion a Year Spent on Drunk Online Purchases 3/26 (Audio)

Amazon estimates as much as $45 Billion a year is spent on drunk purchses while shopping online.
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BJ and Jamie - Jamie Ordered a Fish Tank From Amazon With Same Day Shipping, But It Hasn't Arrived 2/25

Jamie ordered an aquaponic fish tank from Amazon for her son. She noticed that same day shipping was free, so she opted to get her fish tank the same day. It hasn't showed up yet!!! What in the hell!
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BJ and Jamie - Bezos Leaked Pics 1/11 (Audio)

Apparently Bezos has more than just a big bank account!
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BJ and Jamie - Jeff BezHOES 1/10 (Audio)

Do you think there will be more than one Bezhoe?
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BJ and Jamie - Jeff Bezos Caught Cheating 1/10 (Audio)

Jeff Bezos got caught cheating and Jamie knows the woman it was with!
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Jeff And MacKenzie Bezos

Fine, but Who Gets Whole Foods? Amazon's Jeff Bezos Announces Divorce From Wife Mackenzie

After a surprise announcement, many are left wondering what happens next for the richest man in the world
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BJ and Jamie - Sip-N-Click 12/28 (Audio)

Just clickin, and sippin, and buyin, and shoppin.
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BJ and Jamie - Cyber Monday 11/26 (audio)

Cyber Monday last a whole week now?!?!?!?! Since when? Are you getting any good deals this weekend?
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Amazon Echo Smart Home Alexa Voice Service in a living room

New Alexa Model Could Recognize When You’re Sick, Interpret Emotions

People have already been concerned that Amazon Echo’s Alexa is always listening. Now, her possible new advancements have us even more terrified of the helpful technology.
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Slacker and Steve - Steve's Finally Getting Netflix, But He Has No Idea What to Watch 10/5 (Audio)

With the chilly weather setting in, all we can think about is camping out on the couch and binge watching something good! What is your favorite show or movie on Netflix?
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