Say It Isn't So Steve!

Steve isn’t the best at calmly sharing his angry thoughts, and he did something he thought he would NEVER do! He left a bad review online, and almost immediately regretted it.
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Computer Meltdown

Slacker and Steve - Steve Completely Lost It at a Computer Store 10/30 (Audio)

YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN. A woman was VERY unhappy that her meal didn’t include a fork and napkins. So unhappy that she FIRED A GUN THROUGH THE DRIVE-THRU WINDOW. When was you’re biggest meltdown?
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Confused Neighbors

Slacker and Steve - She Found an Unusual Way to Make Her Neighbors Feud 10/18 (Audio)

Some neighbors are great, and some could move away and you wouldn’t care. This man had such a bad feud that he drove his car into their house! What’s the biggest feud you’ve had?
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Road Rage

Slacker and Steve - The Road Rage Is Real! 10/1 (Audio)

Where did these people learn to drive?! Three women were captured attacking each other on an interstate. The woman who started it brought out a BASEBALL BAT and started to hit the car behind her. What are your road rage stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Aren't Emojis Supposed to Make You Happy? 9/17 (Audio)

Don’t you just hate calls from unknown numbers, bad WiFi connections, when your sock falls down inside your shoe, or how you have to pay to park at hospitals!? What are your biggest life inconveniences?
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Woman Overreacting

Slacker and Steve - Are You Kidding Me!? No Buffalo Sauce!? 8/21 (Audio)

As Taylor Swift said, “you need to calm down.” One man was asked to leave after starting a heated argument and he decided to throw a No Parking sign through the restaurant’s window. When have you overreacted?
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Slacker and Steve - Two Pairs of Pants or Bust! 8/13 (Audio)

Toddlers can throw a temper tantrum over pretty much anything, at any time. Like, not being able to hold more than one cookie in each hand, not being able to lick the bus windows, or not liking the end of Harry Potter and wanting Harry to marry Hermione. What are your toddler tantrum stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Air Travel Isn't Always Pleasant, but This Woman Definitely Overreacted! 8/12 (Audio)

How rude. A flight passenger complained (to put it lightly) about having a middle seat. She called her seat neighbors “so big,” and demanded she got a new seat. What’s the rudest thing you’ve encountered?
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Slacker and Steve - Why Is Steve Feuding With His Favorite Restaurant? 8/8 (Audio)

This house definitely doesn’t have an HOA…After being reported for using their house on Airbnb, this homeowner got back by painting their house brink pink with two giant emojis on it. What feud have you been in?
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Slacker and Steve - Slacker Doesn't Want to Ruffle Any Feathers, but He Hates Birds 7/18 (Audio)

Birds. Are. Horrible. And they’re turning more violent this summer. What are your bird stories?
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