Hero Dog

Slacker and Steve - 11/10 Would Recommend These Goodest Good Boys 8/20 (Audio)

WHAT A GOOD DOG! A man was fishing when he got bit by a shark, but then his pup came to the rescue, grabbed the shark by its tail and pulled it off! What are your hero pet stories?
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Slacker and Steve - He's Not the Hero We Need, but the Hero We Deserve: The Bark Knight 5/29 (Audio)

WE. DON’T. DESERVE. DOGS. Home invaders busted their way into a family’s house, and held the dad at gunpoint. That’s when the family dog came to the rescue. The gunmen shot at the pup twice, hitting her once, but don’t worry. She will make a full recovery. What are your hero pet stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Her Family Raised a Leopard, But When They Visited it at the Zoo They Got a Big Surprise 10/18 (Audio)

The zoo can be a good place to take your kids to learn about animals. It can also be a place to learn how stupid humans are. Like this one guy that jumped into the tiger exhibit. Or how one zoo used plastic penguins in their exhibit. What’s the craziest thing that happened to you while at the zoo?
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Slacker and Steve - Things Got Squirrelly When This Lady Tried to Board a Plane 10/10 (Audio)

There are so many animal stories in the news that we have to talk about animal encounters. Stories like a woman bringing a squirrel on a plane, a woman calling the cops on whales, a pet alligator on the loose, and jogger on a run that found a caged lion cub, and only one of these happened in...
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Troye Sivan

LISTEN: Troye Sivan Unleashes The Sweet And Sentimental “Animal”

Another look at ‘Bloom’ before it drops on August 31st
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