Annoyed Man

Slacker and Steve - Steve Loves to Annoy Slacker 1/9 (Audio)

You know when you’re walking behind someone and they’re going a bit slower than your pace so you try to go around them, but then you have to speed up so you’re like, lightly jogging to get passed them? It’s annoying. What do you find annoying?
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Couple Brushing Their Teeth

Slacker and Steve - What Kind of Person Eats After Brushing Their Teeth!? 1/9 (Audio)

We can’t date if you’re one of those people that claps when the plane lands. What are your dating deal breakers?
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If You're Traveling, Don't Be This Person!

IMPORTANT QUESTION. Who owns the right to the window shade?
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Frustrated Driver

Slacker and Steve - Hey, Driver in the Left Lane...MOVE OVER! 10/4 (Audio)

USE. YOUR. TURN. SIGNAL! COVER. YOUR. MOUTH. WHEN. YOU. SNEEZE/COUGH. What’s something that really peeves you?
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Slacker and Steve - Aren't Emojis Supposed to Make You Happy? 9/17 (Audio)

Don’t you just hate calls from unknown numbers, bad WiFi connections, when your sock falls down inside your shoe, or how you have to pay to park at hospitals!? What are your biggest life inconveniences?
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Slacker and Steve - We're Lifeguards, Not Babysitters! 7/16 (Audio)

This would have been a BEAUTIFUL photo, but it got ruined. Let’s hear it! Get on your soapbox and complain about something you absolutely can’t stand!
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Slacker and Steve - The Person Who Robbed Her House Was the LAST Person She Expected! 7/3 (Audio)

Nothing like moving into a new place only for your own neighbor to rob you. What are your nasty neighbor stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Someone Put Empty Containers Back in the Fridge. That Really Gets My Goat! 6/19 (Audio)

Don’t you just hate when people don’t return their grocery cart? Or when a family member finishes a food item, then puts the EMPTY container back in the fridge?? OR DOESN’T REPLACE THE TOILET PAPER ROLL??? What’s something that gets your goat?
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Slacker and Steve - It's Gonna Be May! So Merry Christmas Everybody! 4/30 (Audio)

You know when you’re under the covers with your partner and they put their FREEZING COLD FEET ON YOU? SO. ANNOYING. What’s the most annoying thing to you?
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Slacker and Steve - What's It Like Getting to Just Play All Day? 4/19 (Audio)

There are questions that EVERYONE seems to ask, like to Uber drivers, “what time did you start today?” Doesn’t it get annoying? What’s one questions that you get asked all the time that you’re sick of?
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