Online Dating

Slacker and Steve - "Your Tinder Bio Didn't Mention You Were a Robber!" 1/13 (Audio)

Well…that wasn’t on his Tinder bio. A man was arrested for stealing from women he met on dating apps. He’s facing 33 felony charges. What’s are your Tinder tales?
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Couple Brushing Their Teeth

Slacker and Steve - What Kind of Person Eats After Brushing Their Teeth!? 1/9 (Audio)

We can’t date if you’re one of those people that claps when the plane lands. What are your dating deal breakers?
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Shocked Woman

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Roommate Is Showing a Little Too Much Skin 1/8 (Audio)

Summer has a roommate whom she’s known for a very long time, and they are just friends. Well, he tends to walk around in the buff before bed. She’s asked him to put on a robe, or some shorts, but he hasn’t listened. She doesn’t feel threatened or anything, but it is a little uncomfortable. It’s...
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Cheese Cracker

Slacker and Steve - This Eating Technique Is So Dysfunctional, It Almost Made Steve Throw Up 1/6 (Audio)

Some people really love their soda, but this might be a *little* extreme! What are your family dysfunction stories?
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Stamp on an Envelope

Slacker and Steve - OPP - When Sending Holiday Cards, Does It Matter What Kind of Stamp You Use? 12/4 (Audio)

With the culture that we are in now, anyone can be offended by anything…even postage stamps? That’s why Skylar called us. She’s sending letters and gifts, but should the choice of postage stamp matter? Is it a slap in the face to the recipient?
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Awkward Doctor

Slacker and Steve - Wow, That's an Interesting Tattoo You Have There! 12/3 (Audio)

OHNOOOOO! A pregnant woman admitted she had a “happy ending” during her pelvic exam with her OBGYN. What are your awkward doctor stories?
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Woman Upset with Her Dad

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Caught Her Dad Cheating, and Doesn't Know What to Do Next 12/2 (Audio)

Deanna caught her dad having dinner with another woman. She knew that her parent’s marriage was a sham, even though it looked perfect from the outside. They looked more like business partners than a couple. Still, seeing her dad out with another woman was shocking, and she doesn’t know what to do...
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Proposal Gone Wrong

Slacker and Steve - OPP - He Proposed and Her Parents Aren't Happy About It 10/30 (Audio)

Colton has been with his girlfriend for over 3 years, and he decided to make the next step and he proposed! Well, he skipped one traditional step, and didn’t ask her parents for permission, so her parents aren’t too thrilled. It’s 2019. She’s her own person and can decide for herself if she wants...
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Flirty Woman

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Close with Her New Step-Brother...Perhaps Too Close 10/28 (Audio)

Ashley’s dad recently got remarried. She’s always been an only child, and now she has step siblings. Well, um, she thinks she attracted to her step brother. They’re the same age, and pretty close. Is this just a weird way she’s reacting to having siblings? It might make the holiday season pretty...
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Shocked Woman

Slacker and Steve - You'd Think Funeral Homes Would Know How to Do This! 10/28 (Audio)

OH NOOOO. A funeral home put the WRONG body in a casket. What are your "you had one job" stories?
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