Couple in Labor

Slacker and Steve - Your Baby Is Perfectly Healthy, but Your Husband's Hand is Broken 1/30 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve hear stories of drama in the delivery room. When the epidural doesn't take, the husbands have to step in! What's your delivery room drama story?
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Couple Looking at Pregnancy Test

Slacker and Steve - GMD - She Can't Wait to Get Pregnant, but He Wants To 10/3 (Audio)

Eric and Brenna have been trying to have a baby for over the past year. They’ve been pregnant twice, but unfortunately, they miscarried both. Eric wanted them to take a break from trying. He’s not saying he wants to stop trying, he just wants them to pause, refresh, and try again in a bit. Brenna...
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Confused Woman

Slacker and Steve - Are You Going to be a Millionaire? It Depends On Your Name 9/26 (Audio)

The name you choose for you baby could impact how much money they make as an adult. The top millionaire names are Billy, Max, Eleanor, Sophia, and the top billionaire names are John/Jonathan/Johnny, David/Dave, Marie/Mary/Maria, and Judith/Judy. Don’t really know a lot of young people with these...
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Slacker and Steve - "Nurse! Change "Kidney Pains" to "Labor Pains" 8/19 (Audio)

Well…that’s definitely a surprise. Actually, three little surprises. A woman was rushed to the hospital with what she thought was kidney pain, and left with triplets. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - They Thought They Weren't Ready for Kids, but Now He Has One 7/22 (Audio)

Scarlett had a miscarriage with her boyfriend earlier this year, and she wasn’t too upset about it. It still hurt, but she didn’t feel ready to have kids, and neither did her boyfriend. They recently found out that his ex-girlfriend hid a pregnancy and gave birth to his child. Scarlett wants them...
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - She's Carrying a Baby, but He Feels Like He's Carrying the Weight 7/18 (Audio)

Greg and Jen are expecting their first child. Jen is 16 weeks along, and has stopped doing anything to help out. Greg does all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and he needs help. They’re a team, and should be working together, but he feels like he’s carrying the weight. Jen is literally carrying...
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Slacker and Steve - We Didn't Know Anything About Breastfeeding, but Now We Got a Glimpse Into the Funny Side of It 5/21 (Audio)

We’re just two dudes with zero to no knowledge of breastfeeding, so help us out here. We thought that letting out milk when a woman heard crying was a myth, but one woman worked at a veterinarian’s office and said that any time a puppy cried, her milk would let out. Another woman learned that she...
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Slacker and Steve - Protect, Serve, and DELIVER!? 4/12 (Audio)

In all seriousness, women are amazing. One woman’s baby just couldn’t wait any longer to meet the world. A state trooper pulled over this speeding van and ended up helping deliver the baby girl. What are your bizarre birthing stories?
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Slacker and Steve - 62 Hours Is a Long Time to Do Anything! 3/29 (Audio)

A woman gave birth to her first child and went back to the hospital one month later and gave birth to twins! She had a second uterus the twins were hiding in. Another woman gave birth on a subway platform. What are your bizarre birth stories?
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BJ and Jamie - Babies are Hot Girl Magnets 1/9 (Audio)

BJ took his baby to the doctor and all the ladies started hitting on him.
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