BJ & Jamie: Perfect Sound For Sleeping Is Frying Bacon. 2/1

A lot of people use a noice machine to fall to sleep, some people even travel with their fans. Bj has found a study that says that scientist have found the perfect sound to use to fall asleep Frying Bacon. Read the Whole Story HERE!! Video of "Sleep Sounds" Cooking Bacon 45mins
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BJ & Jamie: Bacon shortage is fake, Supercomputer picks Super Bowl 51 winner. 2/2 (AUDIO)

There is fake news out about bacon.. some are reporting that there is a shortage of bacon but it turns out to be fake news… there is plenty of bacon. This year superbowl is the lowest hyped in history and BJ is bummed he has not been invited to any SB parties. There is a super computer that has...
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Bourbon & Bacon Fest 2016

Taste your way through a dizzying array of specialty bourbons and unique whiskies from distilleries both large and artisanal, while you munch on a bevy of smoky, porky treats. The event will host samples from the area’s best restaurants. The Bourbon & Bacon Fest is presented by Buffalo Trace...
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