Slacker and Steve - We All Use Them, Now Let's Hear About Them: It's Toilet Time! 12/7 (Audio)

Well, that’s weird. One man got a little too drunk while on a flight, stole a life vest and tried to flush it down the toilet. What did he think was going to happen? Another woman sat on a toilet…for TWO YEARS. Her skin GREW AROUND THE SEAT. WHY? What are your toilet tales?
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Slacker and Steve - These Poor(celain) People! It's Time for Toilet Tales! 10/24 (Audio)

We never thought we’d say this sentence: 1.4 million toilet flushing systems have been recalled because of an exploding hazard. Literally exploding toilets. Also, a 6 foot long snake slithered its way out of the porcelain throne. What’s your toilet tale?
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Slacker and Steve - Sorry Guys, You're Busted! Men Are Hiding in the Bathroom! 9/28 (Audio)

You’ve been caught! A new survey says that the average man spends 7 hours a year hiding in the bathroom. The main reasons for the hiding are for some quiet time, to get away from their nagging partner and to avoid their chores. Where is your house hiding spot?
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