Slacker and Steve - Oh Honey, These Stories Are Un-Bee-Lievable! 5/7 (Audio)

Un-bee-lievable. Yesterday’s MLB game between the Reds and Giants was delayed after a swarm of BEES took over the field. Another woman got out of her car when a basketball sized bee hive fell ON HER HEAD. What are your bee stories?
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BJ and Jamie - Arapahoe Will Let You Have Bees and Chickens! (Audio) 4/30

Do you want to own some bees and chickens?? Move to Arapahoe!!
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Slacker and Steve - Bees 9/21 (Audio)

This sounds like a nightmare that came to life. A man in Wallis, TX was stung 600 times by Africanized honey bees, AKA killer bees. His wife was stung over 60 times when she ran outside to try and help him. What is the worst experience you've ever had with bees?
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