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BJ and Jamie - Full Show 11/18 (Audio)

BJ went to get some appliances over the weekend and had terrible customer service. Jamie partied with a triangle player after Bar Bingo. Carson lost his man card. SMH Dil was popular with the ladies at Bar Bingo.
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BJ and Jamie - Where Can BJ Find Family Sleigh Rides 11/18 (Audio)

BJ's wife wants to take littlefrog on a sleigh ride!! Do you know of any fun sleigh rides around Colorado that aren't too much of a drive?
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BJ and Jamie - BJ Had Bad Customer Service 11/18 (Audio)

BJ went to get some home appliances over the weekend and couldn't get any help! The store he went to had one person waiting on everyone in their department. He didn't get any help for an hour and a half!! Have you noticed how many places have a lack of help lately??
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BJ and Jamie - Full Show 11/15 (Audio)

BJ and Jamie talk about why they think they are procrastinators. A listener called in to tell us about her HOA nightmare. BJ commied a fashion faux paux yesterday and someone called him out on it.
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BJ and Jamie - Full Show 11/14 (Audio)

Jamie tells a story about the time she was told she won homecoming queen and then didn't. Carson and Dylan still have participation trophies from when they were kids. Nike is gonna stop selling through Amazon. BJ's wife won't get rid of her car she never drives.
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BJ and Jamie - BJ's Wife Won't Get Rid of Car She Barely Drives 11/14 (Audio)

BJ and his wife have a garage that they can't even put their cars in. BJ's wife has a Dodge Challenger that she absolutely loves. She wants to keep it and will never sell it. Would you make your significant other get rid of the car?
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BJ and Jamie - Full Show 11/13 (Audio)

There was a Costco Coupon Scam going around social media yesterday. BJ and Carson can't remember their wedding songs. Disney Plus had problems with its initial launch.
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BJ and Jamie - Costco Coupon Scam 11/13 (Audio)

There was a scam going around on social media yesterday that claimed you could get 75 dollars to spend at Costco if you shared the post. A lot of people fell for it! Did you??
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BJ and Jamie - Full Show 11/12 (Audio)

Instagram is testing a private likes feature. Disney Plus launches today. Cuba Gooding Jr should stay away from bars.
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BJ and Jamie - Instagram to Test Not Having Likes 11/12 (Audio)

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said the company is planning to start testing private likes in the US this week. Do you think it is a good move for the social media company?
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