BJ and Jamie

Excited Woman

BJ and Jamie - Full Show 9/17

The full show podcast returns!!
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Excited woman

BJ and Jamie - Full Show 9/6

BJ isn't cool anymore. Facebook added dating to is app! SMH Dil seems to kow everything.
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Baby Cart

BJ and Jamie - The Moment You Aren't Cool Anymore As A Parent 9/6 (Audio)

When was that moment your parenting life when you knew you werent cool anymore? For Jamie it was using the race car shopping cart!!
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Man looking at woman using dating app

BJ and Jamie - Could Facebook Dating Section Lead To More Cheating?? 9/6 (Audio)

Facebook has joined the dating world!! There is a section in the Facebook app that lets you mark your secret crushes without them knowing. If you both mark each other it notifies you that you both are interested. Jamie thinks this could lead to more cheating. Two married people could easily mark...
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Woman in car

BJ and Jamie - Full Show 9/5 (Audio)

A woman tried to smuggle a baby in from the Phillipines. This art installation makes you pass by naked people very closely. BJ is a push over parent!
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Woman Looking at Art

BJ and Jamie - Weird Art Installation 9/5 (Audio)

There is an art museum that has an exhibit where a naked woman and man are standing facing each other in a slim area. To get through the area you have to pass sideways between the man and the woman. BJ says if the guy gets too excited it will turn into a turn style.
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BJ and Jamie - Woman Tries To Smuggle Baby Into US 9/5 (Audio)

BJ saw a story of a woman trying to smuggle a baby into the US when she was returning from from the Phillipines. It remided him of the time he almost got busted trying to smuggle in cigars from Cuba. Have you ever tried to bring contraband back into the US?
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Shocked woman

BJ and Jamie - Full Show 94 (Audio)

There was a food truck stolen in Fort Collins, a man is blaming his dog for his huge porn bill, and diet sodas are REALLY bad for you.
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Food Truck

BJ and Jamie - Food Truck Stolen in Fort Collins 9/4 (Audio)

Someone stole a food truck in Fort Collins!! Who steals a food truck!!?!?
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Girl Holding Soda Giving Thumbs Down

BJ and Jamie - Diet Soda is Dangerous!! 9/4 (Audio)

Jamie's favorite drink is by far and away Diet Coke. Which is why BJ is so concerned about her after reading this study!! Do you drink diet sodas?
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