BJ & Jamie

Bj and Jamie Omelette Cook Off

BJ and Jamie Omelette Cook-Off

Who is the best chef of the morning show, BJ or Jamie?
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toilet paper

BJ and Jamie Coronavirus has people fighting over toilet paper

Coronavirus has people fighting over toilet paper.
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BJ and Jamie Nik Wallenda goes over an active volcano 3/5 (audio)

Nik Wallenda tight rope walked across an active volcano. Bj doesnt think it was death defying do you?
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BJ and Jamie - Full Show 11/8

BJ and Jamie full show 11.8.19
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BJ & Jamie: Full Show 6/20 (Audio)

Finally some nice weather for a day... Animal Sanctuary, Danger in the D.R. the Netflix diet, Carrie Underwood under fire, Sex doll that looks like Sean? Millennials don't believe in deodorant and SMH Dyl stinky in Phillly. Jamie did her workout test still hoping she fails and BJ is going to...
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BJ Jamie: Full Show 6/19

What is up with the Weather? Jamie singing a hail stay away song, More salesman at Bj's house, Jamie needs a test to see if she can workout, nasty Baseball fight, DIA strike and the whole city is looking for the guy in the teal shorts who was in the fight.
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BJ & Jamie: Demi Lovato Overdose 7/25 (Audio)

Demi Lovato reportedly OD’d on heroin and was treated with narcan. An anonymous source close to her says it wasn’t heroin. Jamie thinks a series of unfortunate events led to Lovato's unfortunate accident.
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BJ & Jamie: Mexico Fans Cause "Earthquake" At World Cup (Audio) 6/18

The World Cup over the weekend was exciting Mexico beat Russia and the fans in Mexico City gathered in the square in Mexico watching live jumped and celebrated so much it registered as a small earthquake. Video of World Cup fans in Mexico City cause "'earthquake'
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BJ & Jamie: Justin Trudeau's Fake Eyebrow (Audio) 6/11

Justin Trudeau responded to Trump's Negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. BJ & Jamie join in the great debate, was he wearing fake eyebrows? Video of Reacting to Trump Negotiating Justin Trudeau's eyebrows off #EyeBrowGate
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BJ & Jamie: Interview With Stan Zimmerman, Writer of Roseanne (Audio) 6/4

BJ & Jamie have one of the writers of "Roseanne" on the show. Stan Zimmerman spills the beans about Roseanne, what it was like to work on the original show, and weighs in on current events. Listen here to get his opinions on the cancelled show which had just been given the go ahead for a second...
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